Berliiniin! ECS-vapaaehtoistyöhön ICYE-federaation kv. toimistoon

Kiinnostaako vapaaehtoistyö Euroopassa? Olisitko innostunut perehtymään vuoden kansainvälisen vapaaehtoisyhteistyön maailmaan? International Cultural Youth Exchange -verkoston kansainvälinen toimisto Berliinissä etsii 18–30-vuotiasta nuorta Euroopan solidaarisuusjoukkojen (ESC) vapaaehtoispalveluun– ehkä sinua?

Vuosi Euroopan solidaarisuusjoukkojen vapaaehtoispalvelussa ICYE-federaation (ks. kansainvälisessä toimistossa tarjoaa mainion mahdollisuuden oppia kansainvälisen vapaaehtoistyön koordinoinnista ja järjestömaailmasta. Pääset avustamaan toimiston henkilökuntaa heidän askareissaan ja tuomaan toimintaan omia ideoitasi.

Vapaaehtoisjakso alkaa 1.9.2020 ja kestää vuoden. Et tarvitse aiempaa kokemusta kansainvälisestä vapaaehtoistyöstä tai järjestömaailmasta – motivaatio tutustua molempiin riittää. Englannin kielen taitoasi pääset treenaamaan jaksollasi päivittäin. Osallistuja majoittuu yhteisasunnossa toisten vapaaehtoisten kanssa.

Vapaaehtoinen valitaan heti sopivan hakijan löydyttyä, joten tutustu pian lisätietoihin ja hakuohjeisiin alta ja laita hakemus matkaan!

ICYE International Office

The ICYE International Office, head office of the ICYE Federation, coordinates the activities of its member organisations in 40 countries worldwide. It also implements Erasmus+ Key Action 2 capacity building projects in the field of youth for its members and partner organisations. The volunteer will join the three permanent staff members and an international volunteer at the ICYE International office and will work hand-in-hand with the programme officer, chiefly supporting her in tasks related to Erasmus+ Key Action 2 projects.

The ICYE International Office annually implements two Erasmus+ projects. By supporting these projects and their solidarity activities, the non-formal and intercultural learning experiences offered in the project, the volunteer will acquire social, personal, civic, educational and professional skills and competences, building self-confidence and leadership. Importantly, these competences will be enhanced through the opportunity to work in a different country and cultural setting.

The hosting environment and the multicultural city of Berlin will give the volunteer an intercultural learning experience, which we believe will benefit the volunteer and the people the volunteer interacts with, help to broaden their horizons and open up to new perspectives, ideas, insights, living and working styles, as well as becoming a more active European citizen. Thus, the volunteer’s activities at the ICYE IO and their life in Germany will create greater awareness of the diversity of cultures and the positive impact of European cooperation. This awareness is the keystone to a society based on solidarity that respects differences among its members.

Proposed activities for the volunteer

Planned are volunteering activities for one young person to support the activities and projects of the ICYE International Office. The young person will be between 18 and 30 years of age and requires the motivation to learn and support youth volunteering projects linked to solidarity, social inclusion, anti-racism, gender, and intercultural learning.

Role of the volunteer

The IO staff consists of three permanent full-time employees and 2 international volunteers who normally stay for one year from September to August. The ESC volunteer will be one of these volunteers and will be working in the position of an office assistant. The ESC@ICYE IO offers non-formal education and intercultural learning experiences. It enables the volunteer to acquire basic social and professional skills in a multicultural environment and gain self-confidence, thus contributing to their personal and career development. The volunteer will benefit greatly from the chance to work in a new country and experience a new culture. Furthermore, the staff also benefit from the intercultural interaction with European/International volunteers and the contribution they make.

The volunteer will play an active role in the daily activities of the hosting organisation. The supportive role of the volunteer will be complemented by the provision of spaces in which they will be encouraged to take the initiative in organising tasks and making suggestions for new activities. To achieve a multiplying and sustainable impact, the volunteer will be assigned time to document their experiences by writing an article for the ICYE Newsletter, presenting his/her voluntary service experience and life in Germany. Upon return to the home country, the volunteer will be encouraged to carry out presentations and participate in the preparation of future outgoing ESC volunteers.

Tasks of the volunteer

  • Assistance with planning, preparing and implementing Erasmus+ Key Action 2 projects and related international trainings and workshops, as well as volunteering activities
  • Answering information inquiries by phone / e-mail and providing useful info to young people and the public
  • Follow-up and support to ICYE members worldwide on project guidelines and reporting criteria
  • Assistance with visa application processes and flight bookings
  • Updating Erasmus+ project webpages and making posts on social media to disseminate project results and create visibility
  • Working on publications produced within the framework of Erasmus+ projects:
    • Compiling, layout and design of Final Activity Reports, practical guides, handbooks, toolkits
    • Communicating with volunteers worldwide to collect articles, photographs and data privacy disclaimers for the Volunteers Voices section of three issues of the ICYE Newsletter “Worlds of Experience”. (
  • Registering Erasmus+ volunteers for insurance and sending them certificates of participation
  • Internet research on youth and voluntary service issues, filing, answering calls, etc.
  • Where possible, support and participation in European or international meetings and trainings organised by the ICYE International Office

Tutustu vapaaehtoisen viikkoaikatauluun (docx)

Learning outcomes (i.e. knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours) for the volunteer

  • Understanding the dynamics of different cultures by discovering different lifestyles and opinions
  • Getting to know oneself better through confrontation with new situations
  • Negotiation in different contexts and with people from different cultures and/or backgrounds
  • Independence and autonomy in a different context and country/local environment
  • Firsthand knowledge of the social and political situation in Germany, especially the situation of young people
  • Team work and participatory learning methods
  • Communicating in a foreign language and foreign context, as well as communication at an global level
  • Intercultural competences involving the recognition that respect, understanding, flexibility and patience are vital for intercultural understanding
  • Skills and competences in project management, social media, updating of project websites (WordPress), design and layouts of publications, quality assurance, networking, etc.

The volunteer may have the opportunity to be directly involved in the preparation and implementation of international and European meetings (i.e. seminars or training courses), which will enable them to gain hands-on experience in the running of international youth activities. The intercultural dimension will be present throughout the service period through the socio-cultural experiences of living in Berlin and being able to explore a new culture on a daily basis. The volunteer will be able to attend German language courses at a local learning institution. The volunteer’s learning experience will be documented and receive recognition through the Youthpass, which will be filled in with the support of the supervisor/programme officer at the ICYE IO and the personal mentor and an ICYE Certificate of Participation.

Participant’s profile

The project is open to young people interested in volunteering in an international environment in the capital of Germany.  The volunteer hosted at the ICYE IO should:

  • Have a keen interest in discovering and interacting with other cultures and learning a new language
  • Be emotionally and psychologically stable, sociable and outgoing
  • Be strongly motivated to do volunteer work, flexible, respectful and willing to carry out a variety of tasks
  • Be creative and motivated to work in a dynamic international atmosphere
  • Be diligent and reliable and willing to work overtime in peak seasons
  • A good command of English as well as PC literacy (Word, Excel) are assets

Be keen on supporting projects and activities based on the principle of solidarity for social cohesion and inclusion.

The volunteer placement has been announced through various channels at the disposal of the sending organisation, e.g. website, Facebook, e-mails, etc. The sending organisation will collect applications, screen/interview participants and forward the shortlisted one to the hosting organisation, which will select the most suitable candidate for the project, albeit taking into account the recommendation of the sending organisation. The hosting and sending organisations will remain in regular contact by email, Skype and telephone regarding the activity period, travel, interviews with the volunteer, etc.

Euroopan solidaarisuusjoukkojen vapaaehtoispalvelu

Euroopan solidaarisuusjoukkojen (ESC) vapaaehtoispalvelu on tarkoitettu 18–30-vuotiaille nuorille ja sen rahoituksesta vastaa Euroopan unioni. Osallistujiksi toivotaan ensisijaisesti nuoria, joilla on esim. työttömyyden takia toisia nuoria vähäisemmät mahdollisuudet saada kansainvälistä kokemusta. Vapaaehtoistyöntekijälle kustannetaan:

  • matkat kohdemaahan (osallistujan maksettavaksi voi jäädä pieni osa matkakustannuksista)
  • lähtömaan tukijärjestön (lähettävä järjestö) tuki ja yhteydenpito
  • kohdemassa tulovalmennuskoulutus ja puolivuotisleiri
  • ylläpito kohdemaassa
  • taskuraha
  • päivittäiset työmatkat vapaaehtoistyöpaikalle
  • kattava sairaus- ja tapaturmavakuutus sekä vastuuvakuutus
  • tukea paikallisen kielen opiskeluun

Lue lisää ESC-vapaaehtoistyöstä yleisesti


Hae lähettämällä mahdollisimman pian Maailmanvaihtoon osoitteeseen hakulomakkeesi (pdf) sekä englanninkielinen motivaatiokirjeesi. Haastattelemme hakijat. Lopullisen päätöksen vapaaehtoisesta tekee vapaaehtoistyöpaikka.

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