Elokuussa Iso-Britanniaan ESC-vapaaehtoistyöhön vammaisten lasten ja nuorten oppilaitokseen

Kiinnostaako vapaaehtoistyö ulkomailla? Haluaisitko kehittää osaamistasi vammaisten lasten ja nuorten oppilaitoksessa? Entä syventyä elämään Iso-Britanniassa? Tässä tilaisuutesi!

Treloar Trust on vammaisten lasten ja nuorten oppilaitos, joka sijaitsee Altonissa. Nyt oppilaitos etsii kuutta nuorta vapaaehtoistyöhön Euroopan solidaarisuusjoukkoihin yhteistyöjärjestömme ICYE UK:n kautta. Vapaaehtoisena työskennellään 11 kuukautta, 21.8.2021–27.7.2022.

Vapaaehtoistyössä Treloar Trustissa pääset tukemaan oppilaita niin heidän koulutyössään kuin terapioissaan. Vapaaehtoiset majoittuvat omissa huoneissaan Trealoar Trustissa. Tutustu tarkemmin vapaaehtoistyöhön Treloar Trustissa tarkemmin alta tai pdf-tiedostosta. Hakuohjeet löydät ilmoituksen alaosasta.

Volunteering at Treloar Trust

Treloar Trust provides education, care, therapy, medical support and independence training to young people with physical disabilities from across the UK and overseas. The aim of Treloar Trust is to prepare these young people for adult life, giving them the confidence and skills to achieve their full potential. The long-term goal is to create a world where physically disabled young people learn to take control of their lives and dare to dream.
Treloar’s was founded in 1907 by Sir William Purdie Treloar, the then Lord Mayor of London and is a registered charity. The main areas in which they work are

  • Treloar School, a non-maintained specialist school for disabled children from nursery age to 16+ where we challenge our young people and nurture their abilities to help them become as independent as possible.
  • Treloar College, a specialist college for disabled students aged 16 and over that prepares our residential and day students for the many challenges of adult life by concentrating on the whole person.
  • Treloar’s also offers a range of outreach services to the wider community

The activities at Treloar Trust are based around the academic year, starting each September and running through to the end of the following July. The school and college have up to 200 students, many of whom live on-site during term time. Treloar School and College are based on a large, fully accessible site on the outskirts of Alton, Hampshire. Most of the site is purpose built, including specialist classrooms designed to meet the sensory, physical and visual needs of the students, specialist art and photography rooms, music room, drama hall and well-equipped therapy suites. There is also a medical centre, a canteen, a cafe and shop, a wide range of sports facilities, swimming and hydrotherapy pools and full accessible play areas, as well as all administrative staff for all parts of the Trust’s work.

Role and Tasks for Volunteers at Treloar Trust

At Treloar Trust the volunteers tasks take place at Treloar School and Treloar College, which provide education for young people with physical disabilities, many of whom have associated communication needs, sensory impairment or learning difficulties. Treloar Trust believes in a holistic approach and offers its students a very high standard of education as well as pastoral care, therapy, medical support and independence training.

Volunteers are allocated roles according to their motivations and interests. There are three main roles at Treloar Trust: Supporting in Treloar School; Supporting in Treloar College; Supporting in the therapies departments.

Examples of tasks and activities that volunteers undertake at Treloar Trust are:

  • Tutor Group support: the volunteers assist students in their tutorial group, usually interacting with individual students who have additional support needs due to limited mobility, sensory impairments or communication difficulties. Volunteers help the students with daily activities such as answering e-mails, planning work, supporting with communication, providing motivational support, etc. (School or College)
  • Educational Sessions: Classes may consist of anything from 4 to 12 students. Volunteers work alongside the students to enhance their capacity to participate in the class by communicating with the students, supporting them in classes such as music, design, IT, photography, textiles and arts and craft, and where necessary physically acting as “the hands and voice” of the student. This may be one-to-one work, for example the volunteer may help a student to create a piece of art work through following their direction to create the student’s vision or their role in a particular lesson might be to work with a number of different students offering assistance when needed. (School or College)
  • Sporting Activities: Volunteers have the opportunity to assist the students and participate in a range of sporting activities that are offered by the college. For example there is a heated swimming pool specifically designed to assist with mobility, there are facilities for Boccia, wheelchair basketball, and many other sports, in which volunteers can be involved. (School or College)
  • Physiotherapy – volunteers initially observe the work of the therapists and undergo training after which they are able to assist in the sessions with the students. Volunteers also support students in the hydrotherapy area, learn about the use of wheelchairs and assist students in their safe use, observe and support students attending orthotics clinics, and assist students to stand or walk depending on their needs. Volunteers also assist staff with the sending reminders to students and general tidying up in the department. (Therapies)
  • Speech Therapy – Volunteers support the students in group activities, provide assistance in accessing the activity, help students in using their communication devices, act as communication role models, note down what students say and monitor progress. Volunteers also assist therapists in one-to-one sessions with individual students, providing encouragement and helping to develop communication systems. Volunteers can support in other areas of the department such as making therapy resources and workbook pages through the direction of the therapist, and in general administration. (Therapies)
  • Occupational Therapy –The main activity in this area is working with students in developing skills needed to live a more independent life style, so this could be shopping, household tasks, trips outside of the college, cooking etc. The volunteers support the students in Community Skills classes where they access facilities in the local area. The volunteers are also able to assist in sessions such as wheelchair driving skills practice and with hand therapy exercises. Administration tasks include filing and record keeping as well as checking and maintaining inventory of equipment and materials. (Therapies)
    Volunteers also assist in the student houses for one evening per week as part of their volunteering hours.
  • Volunteers support the students with their evening routine.

From previous experience it has been seen that a voluntary placement at Treloar Trust offers a great scope for personal development. It is expected that volunteers will be able to learn about social work and different methodologies in the field of disability support; gain experience of session support assistance and different therapies; gain teamwork, facilitation, organisation and independent living skills; gain a greater intercultural awareness and improve language and communication skills.

Practical Aspects:


These volunteer roles are available through the European Solidarity Corp Programme. Participants need to meet the eligibility requirements for this programme:

  • Participants need to be legally resident in one of the Programme Countries (except the UK)
  • Participants need to be aged between 18 and 30 years old at the start of their placement
  • Participants cannot have taken part in a previous European Solidarity Corp Volunteering Programme, Erasmus + Volunteering Programme or European Voluntary Service Programme (except in cases where their placement was for less than 30 days)


These volunteer roles at Treloar Trust have been made possible through funding from the European Solidarity Corp Programme. It is important to note that this is a full-time volunteer position (unpaid). As well as the arrangements made for accommodation and food described below, funding is available for participants’ travel costs from their country of residence to the UK and also for the cost of the relevant visa required for the UK. Additionally volunteers receive an individual allowance (pocket money) during their time in the UK.


The volunteers are accommodated at the centre. Although the accommodation is located at Treloar Trust it is separate from the students and the work environment . Each volunteer has their own bedroom and shares a bathroom and kitchen with other volunteers or live-in staff members

Location / Local Transport

Treloar Trust is on the outskirts of Alton, which is a market town in a semi-rural area of Hampshire in the South East of England. Treloar Trust is a 25 minute walk from the town centre and there are local bus and train services to other nearby towns. No local travel is routinely required within the role, however on an occasion where an activity takes place off-site the host organisation would provide any necessary transport


The volunteers will be provided with food in the canteen for all of their meals during term time and during the holidays they will be provided with a food allowance. The canteen offers a choice of meals and can cater to a wide variety of dietary requirements. The volunteers also have a kitchen within their accommodation so they are able to cook for themselves during the holidays and there is easy access to the shops for the volunteers to be able to buy food.

Holidays / Days Off

The volunteer will have two days off per week (normally Saturday and Sunday). Volunteers have holidays during the holiday times of Treloar Trust (at half terms, Christmas and Easter). The dates for the holidays will be provided at the beginning of the voluntary service.


Volunteers are provided with training by ICYE UK, the coordinating organisation on arrival to the UK which includes intercultural learning, practical information, etc. They are also provided with evaluation training at the mid-term point and at the end of the placement.

At the Treloar Trust volunteers have a comprehensive induction to introduce them to the work of the centre, its procedures and policies. They initially shadow staff members while they become familiar with their role and they receive training in any aspect of the role for which it is required.

Euroopan solidaarisuusjoukkojen vapaaehtoispalvelu

Euroopan solidaarisuusjoukkojen (ESC) vapaaehtoispalvelu tarkoitettu 18–30-vuotiaille ja sen rahoituksesta vastaa Euroopan unioni. Vapaaehtoistyöntekijälle kustannetaan:

  • matkat kohdemaahan (osallistujan maksettavaksi voi jäädä pieni osa matkakustannuksista)
  • lähtömaan tukijärjestön (lähettävä järjestö) tuki ja yhteydenpito
  • kohdemassa tulovalmennuskoulutus ja puolivuotisleiri
  • ylläpito kohdemaassa
  • taskuraha
  • päivittäiset työmatkat vapaaehtoistyöpaikalle
  • kattava sairaus- ja tapaturmavakuutus sekä vastuuvakuutus
  • tukea paikallisen kielen opiskeluun
  • viisumikulut

Osallistujiksi ESC-vapaaehtoistyöhön etsitään ensisijaisesti nuoria, joilla on toisia nuoria vähäisemmät mahdollisuudet saada kansainvälistä kokemusta esim. työttömyyden takia.

Lue lisää ESC-vapaaehtoistyöstä yleisesti


Lähetä vapaamuotoinen hakemuksesi sekä englanninkielinen ansioluettelosi ICYE UK:lle osoitteeseen info@icye.org.uk sekä kopiona Maailmanvaihtoon osoitteeseen maailmanvaihto@maailmanvaihto.fi. Voit mainita hakemuksessasi, että lähettävä tukijärjestösi Suomessa on Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland. Paikat täytetään sopivien hakijoiden löydyttyä.

Harkitsetko hakemista, mutta epäröit koronatilanteen vuoksi?

  • Euroopan solidaarisuusjoukkojen vapaaehtoispalvelu voidaan aloittaa virtuaalisesti, jos fyysisen ulkomaanjakson aloittaminen kohdemaassa ei poikkeusolojen vuoksi ole vielä mahdollista. Jaksoa jatketaan kohdemaassa, kun tilanne sen sallii. Vapaaehtoispalvelujakso on myös mahdollista koronatilanteen niin vaatiessa siirtää myöhempään ajankohtaan tai perua. (Ks. Opetushallituksen uutinen.)
  • Kannattaa selvittää lentoyhtiöstä, millaisin kustannuksin lennot olisi tarvittaessa mahdollista siirtää tai peruuttaa.


Jos sinulla on kysyttävää, otathan yhteyttä! Vastaamme mielellämme kysymyksiisi. Tavoitat meidät sähköpostitise osoitteesta maailmanvaihto@maailmanvaihto.fi ja puhelimitse numerosta 050 452 5660.

”Vapaaehtoistyössä Treloar Trustissa tehtävänäni on ollut toimia kouluavustajana. Tyypilllisenä päivänä olen ollut töissä Collegen luokassa, jossa on kahdeksan 16–22-vuotiasta oppilasta. Tuen oppilaita opiskelemaan englantia, matematiikkaa, tiimityö- ja kommunikaatiotaitoja, toiminnallisia taitoja, yrittämis- ja työllistymistaitoja, ympäristöopintoja, urheilua, eläintenhoitoa, taidetta, musiikkia, valokuvausta sekä ruoanlaittoa. Lähes kaikilla oppilailla on pyörä- ja sähköpyörätuoli, joiden kanssa harjoittelemme turvallista liikkumista Altonin pikkukaupungin keskustassa tai päiväretkillä.” – vapaaehtoistyöntekijä Henriikka Juhola