Get excited! Make a difference! Act! Maailmanvaihto at the Market of Possibilities in Turku on the 15th of September

Let’s meet on Sunday the 15th of September at the Market of Possibilities in Turku!

The Market of Possibilities is organised on Turku day,  Sunday 15th of September from 1pm to 5pm in the Vanha Suurtori (Old Great Square) area. Come to visit Maailmanvaihto’s table and get to know about voluntary work opportunities abroad and our volunteering activities here in Finland!

There will be over 50 organisations presenting their activities at the Market of Possibilities. The program will also include conversations, music and dance performances from all around the world. The theme for this year’s Market of Possibilities is making a difference. The program takes place on the stage of Suurtori and the courtyard of Brinkkala.

The event is open for everyone. Welcome!

Invitation to the event on Facebook (in Finnish).