Helsingin lyhytaikaiskoti ja työpaja Lyhty ry

LYHTY RY is a non-profit association which provides living-, education-, and work activity services for adults with learning disabilities.

  • Location: Lyhty is situated in Helsinki. Lyhty receives volunteers to its outdoor workshop “Lato”, “A-B-C” housing services, arts&crafts workshop “Luovilla” and housing unit “Kotikutonen”.
  • Volunteer’s role, tasks and requirements: The role, tasks and requirements of the volunteers vary according to their working unit. In all the units good social skills and motivation to work with people with special needs are important.
  • Accommodation: The volunteers stay in a host family in the Helsinki area. Flexibility and motivation to share the everyday life with host family and adapt to the family life are important.
  • Website of the organization: www.lyhty.net
  • Organization in the European Youth Portal
  • Volunteers’ experiences
  • Available volunteering positions: We are currently looking for one volunteer for 1.4.2019–31.1.2020 (10 months). >> See further information and applying instructions.