In March to Denmark! Volunteer at the living community Hertha

To Denmark for volunteering! Living community Hertha searches for two young people for European Solidarity Corps Volunteering.

In Denmark, near Aarhus is situated the living community Hertha, which includes people with and withouth disabilities. “In Hertha Living Community, adults with disabilities and ‘ordinary’ families, retired and singles live in a close and rewarding neighbourhood. We call it reverse integration”, the living community presents itself on its homepage. The members of the community meet up in the free time and work together in the workshops of the neighborhood. At the workshops, e.g. bakery and weaving products are made.

Now Hertha searches for two young people, through Maailmanvaihto’s Dansk co-operation organisation Dansk ICYE, for European Solidarity Corps Volunteering. Both volunteers begin their volunteering period next March. One of the volunteers stays at Hertha for 1.3.2021–31.2.2022 (12 moths) and the other 20.3.2021 alkaen 10–11 months.

Get to know the role and tasks for volunteers at Hertha on the website of Dansk ICYE. The volunteers will live in their own room, wither in a building among people without disabilities or in a building among people with disabilities.

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We had a young volunteer participating in the European Solidarity Corps Volunteering at Hertha through Maailmanvaihto and Dansk ICYE last year. After this experience, we are now looking forward to sending the next volunteers!

European Solidarity Corps Volunteering

ESC volunteering periods are funded by the European Union. The participant may have to pay only a small part of the traveling costs. The voluntary work period includes:

  • travels to the destination country (the participant may have to pay only a small part of the traveling costs)
  • support and communication of the sending organization
  • in the destination county an on-arrival training and a mid-term camp
  • accommodation and daily meals at the destination country
  • a pocket money
  • daily work travel costs to the voluntary workplace
  • health and accident insurance as well as liability insurance
  • possible visa costs
  • support for learning the local language

Read more about ESC Volunteering in general


Unfortunately, Hertha is not able to host volunteers with disabilities.

About applying for ESC Volunteering in the coronavirus times

  • European Solidarity Corps Volunteering period  can be started if starting the volunteering period physically in the host country is not possible due to exceptional circumstances. The periods will be completed in the host country when the circumstances allow it. European Solidarity Corps Volunteering can also be postponed to a later date or canceled in case needed due to the coronavirus situation (see the news from the Finnish National Agency for Education).
  • It is worth finding out from the flight company, with which kinds of costs the flights would be possible to postpone or cancel if needed.


Apply 22nd January, 2021, at the latest (the application period has been extended)! Download and fill in the application form (pdf) and send it to Dansk ICYE at and as a copy to Maailmanvaihto at You are welcome to name in your application Maailmanvaihto (Oikokatu 3, 00250 Helsinki, Finland; +358 50 452 5660; as your sending organisation. Our PIC number is 946737364 and our contact person Secretary General Anni Koskela. NB! Maailanvaihto can work as your sending organisation only if you live in Finland.

Further information

In case you have any questions, please contact us! We will be happy to answer. You can reach us via e-mail from the address and by phone from the number 050 452 5660.