Join the kitchen team of the training camp for new volunteers in August!

Do you live in Finland? Are you looking for new opportunities for the summer? Are you interested in volunteering? We are looking for kitchen team volunteers for our on-arrival training camp for international volunteers.

Maailmanvaihto receives 25–30 new international volunteers to Finland next August. The volunteers are aged between 18 to 30 years and they will stay in Finland from 10 to 12 months. Most of them will volunteer in the education or social work field or among disabled people.

Maailmanvaihto arranges an on-arrival training camp for the volunteers at camp center Kesärinne in Tuusula. The camp lasts for 10 days, 19.–29.8.2019. The core themes of the training camp are the purpose of voluntary work, intercultural learning and conflict management. The volunteers will also get familiar with the Finnish society, culture and language.

The kitchen team (5–6 members) cooks daily meals for the participants and assists the kitchen team leader to plan the menus. At the same time, they learn about the operations of Maailmanvaihto and get to know people of the organization. Besides the international volunteers, a bunch of their support persons will join the camp for the weekend.

Maailmanvaihto arranges a bus transportation to the campsite from Helsinki, and travelling costs from other cities will be covered according to the most affordable public transportation. The kitchen team leader will inform the team about the practical matters, and possibly a planning and orientation meeting will be held before the camp. The kitchen team members can get the certificate of their participation on request.

“Being in a kitchen team is extremely nice! In addition to being able to learn new ways to cook, you get new friends.” ­­–Essi Laine, kitchen team volunteer

For whom? 

Basic cooking skills are an advantage, but no special knowledge is needed. The most important feature is a motivation to cook for this bigger group of people on daily basis during the camp. We hope that you can participate for the whole 10 days but a shorter period (min. 4 days) suits as well, if needed.

How to attend?

Send your informal application to hosting(a) and tell us about your motivation to join the kitchen team of Maailmanvaihto’s camp. We will fill in the positions after finding the suitable candidates.

For more information, please contact:
Programme coordinator Mari Takalo
044 318 0888

Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland was founded in 1958. We work for promoting intercultural understanding, equality and peace. Maailmanvaihto sends young volunteers abroad and receives volunteers both from Europe and further away. The volunteers work in common-good work communities.