Kårkulla samkommun / Dagtek Konst & Hantverk (Arts&crafts Workshop Dagtek)

ARTS&CRAFTS WORKSHOP DAGTEK is a part of Kårkulla samkommun, which offers services for people with learning disabilities or autistic spectrum disorders.  The Dagtek workshop community consists for the moment of 22 persons, mostly women, with minor challenges with learning and four workshop coaches/mentors. There are four different workshops with different textile crafts, visual arts and ceramics. Each workshop has a coach who coordinates and leads the activities.

  • Location: Dagtek is located in Ekenäs (Tammisaari in Finnish). Ekenäs is a small town of about 15 000 inhabitants and it is situated by the sea in the Southern Finland. The majority language is Swedish (81%) and only about 17% of the population speak Finnish.  Ekenäs is a part of the Raseborg commune (28 000 inhabitants). Dagtek is located in the centre of the town.
  • Volunteer’s role, tasks: Through ESC volunteer cooperation, Dagtek wishes to offer its community members a possibility to build networks and get a wider perspective on the world around us. At the same time, we hope to have one more person to be present for our clients and assist in the daily workshop activities and in social and practical situations during the day.  The role of the volunteer is to support the clients with special needs in their textile crafts work, art activities, exhibition visits and all kinds of daily activities. According to their skills and interests, the volunteer can also organise activities and teach the clients new skills especially related to arts&crafts. Despite of their learning disabilities and other special needs, most of the clients of Dagtek workshop are quite independent in their daily activities. Thus, the role of the workers and the volunteer is not to take care of them, but to teach and guide them in the arts&crafts activities and to support their independence in different situations.
  • Volunteer’s requirements: It is important that the volunteer is socially active, flexible and motivated to participate in the community life as being there for the participants, being social, talking with the people, and bringing up their ideas to the colleagues and mentors. We hope to find a volunteer with specific skills or interest and motivation in visual arts or art in a wider perspective; ceramics, photography, dancing etc. Having a volunteer with interest in arts would enrich our community and give the volunteer a genuine possibility to share their skills and experience. The working language of Dagtek is Swedish, so is important that the volunteer is motivated to learn Swedish.
  • Accessibility: The physical environment of the workplace is suitable for young people with physical, sensory or other disabilities. Wheelchair access is possible through the backdoor, and there is an accessible toilet in the building. Since Dagtek works with people with physical, cognitive or social challenges, we have good skills in offering occasionally extra support for the volunteer if needed. However, we do not have the possibility to offer continuously intensive extra support for the volunteer.
  • Accommodation and practical arrangements: The volunteer is accommodated in a host family.
  • Website of the organization: www.karkulla.fi/enheter/vastra-nyland
  • Available volunteering positions: No volunteering positions available.