KISÄLLI-HARJULANMÄKI has two main activities: it has a nursing home called “Harjulanmäki” for mentally disabled people and a workshop called “Kisälli” which provides art and work therapy for disabled people.

  • Location: Kisälli-Harjulanmäki is situated in Vihti, a small town located some 50 kilometers away from the city of Helsinki.
  • Volunteer’s role and tasks: The volunteer helps disabled people in their daily activities at the Kisälli arts&crafts workshop and at the Harjulanmäki home. The work includes both artistic work and practical personal assisting (for example with eating and daily hygiene).
  • Volunteers’ requirements: The volunteer needs to have interest in creative arts&crafts work as well as motivation to work with people with special needs.
  • Accommodation, food and transportation: The volunteer will be accommodated in an apartment together with another volunteer in Vihti. The lunch on workdays is provided by Kisälli. Other meals are prepared by the volunteer, but the costs are covered by the hosting organisation. There is no local transportation in Vihti so the volunteer will either walk or ride a bicycle between the apartment, Kisälli workshop and Harjulanmäki (distance 2–3 km). The bus connections to Helsinki are rather frequent and the volunteer will get one weekly return trip reimbursed between Vihti and Helsinki.
  • Accessibility: If you are an applicant with a physical or sensory disability, please contact Maailmanvaihto for discussing in more detail if a volunteering period at Kisälli could be possible for you.
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Volunteers’ Experiences

Slovakian Miroslava Sloviakova volunteered in 2017–2018 in the workshop Kisälli. In March 2019, Mirka visited Finland again and looked back to her volunteering experience. What did volunteering in Kisälli give for her? Have a look!

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