Kotka: become a host family for the volunteer of the English Kindergarten of Kotka

March to the English kindergarten of Kotka arrives, if the coronavirus situation allows, from Japan a volunteer called Misato. We are now searching for a host family for Misato. Would you like cultural exchange in your home?

The volunteering period in the English kindergarten of Kotka lasts for a year and its aim is to advance intercultural understanding through daily co-operation. Misato participates in the International Cultural Youth Exchange volunteering programme.

Hosting a young volunteer is a voluntary activity that offers a great opportunity to be of help, to gain international experience at home, to strengthen language skills, and to view one’s own environment from a new perspective.

Who can become a host family? Anyone who is interested in getting to know a new person and their cultural background as well as to share their daily living with a new family member! The family provides the volunteer with accommodation and daily meals.


  • a 36-year-old volunteer from Japan
  • speaks Japanese as mother tongue and knows the basics of English
  • works as a kindergarten teacher in Japan
  • as hobbies, likes photography and visiting museums and libraries
  • has an allergy for cats, so cannot live in a family with cats
  • during volunteering in Finland, Misato would like to learn more about the culture, lifestyles, design and childhood education in Finland, as well as about diversity matters

We are looking for a host family for Misato primarily for the whole volunteering period 3/2021–3/2022 (12 months), but also a host family period of four months, for instance, is possible. We will follow the development of the coronavirus situation and postpone the beginning of the volunteering period in case needed.

Established in 1958, Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland works for advancing intercultural understanding, equality, and peace. Maailmanvaihto sends and receives volunteers for long-term (6–12 months) volunteering. The organization is religiously and politically nonaligned.

Got interested?

Please read more about the host family activities and contact us with an introduction on your family and your motivation to host a volunteer. Programme Coordinator Mari Takalo: hosting@maailmanvaihto.fi, 044 318 0888.

“At least with this experience of two months, I would recommend becoming a host family for all those who wish to see, hear, and experience more. Sometimes a leap to the unknown can be the best action of your life.” – host family member Jaana Silvast