Read MaailmanVaihtoa – Volunteers’ Voices 1/2019!

New number (1/2019) of MaailmanVaihtoa – Volunteers’ Voices magazine came out! The theme of the issue “Connections through Communication”.

Striving for a dialog is worth it, states Suvi Niemelä in the editorial (p. 4): “Everyone of us remembers a conversation, which led to a feeling of discovering new perspective, or a feeling that you have been heard or got to know one another better.”

Mia-Elina Aintila reflects stereotypes and how international volunteering can break them (p. 22). Pham Minh Tuan from Vietnam shares experiences of interaction while volunteering in Finnish elderly service house (p. 29).

Benson Raymond and Mira Malmberg reveal their paths on volunteering abroad (p. 16). Benson traveled from Uganda to Finland and Mira took the road other way around – from Finland to Uganda.

Take a peak for upcoming events from Event calendar (p. 31).

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