To Slovakia for the European Solidarity Corps Volunteering

Are you aged between 18–30 years and live in Finland? How would a European Solidarity Corps Volunteering period in Čadca, Slovakia, sound to you? Apply for volunteering in the Slovakian co-operation organization of Maailmanvaihto!

Our Slovakian co-operation organization is called KERIC (ICYE Slovakia). In the ESC volunteering periods of KERIC, the volunteers get to join in cultural exchange and practice English with local children, youth, and adults in Čadca where KERIC is situated. They also assist in school work in local schools and participate in the office work of KERIC:

Maailmanvaihto sends volunteers to KERIC for ESC Volunteering of 6–12 months. Here is a great opportunity to get know from deeper than just the surface local living in Čadca as well as to learn about non-formal education! You don’t need to have any educational or work background – instead, the volunteering period offers a chance for learning. The participants are accommodated in a joint apartment for volunteers.

KERIC’s description of the volunteering position (pdf)
KERIC’s  info “Welcome to Slovakia” (pdf)
KERIC’s info “How to get to ow to get to Čadca” (pdf)

“My volunteering period in Slovakia was full of wonderful people, spectacular sceneries, and excellent food. The most rewarding was to work in two schools as an assistant for English language teachers and to host lessons of English at the office of KERIC together with a volunteer friend. I got to plan contents both for the school and the language courses. While preparing games, plays, and quizzes, I got to use my creativity and my language skills developed much. I also learned about working with the youth. During my weekly office days, I got to become familiar with the wondrous world of IT by updating the website of KERIC. That a totally new but nice and rewarding thing for me. I believe that all this is useful for me in the future. The staff of KERIC is very supportive and inspiring. I also learned some sentences in Slovak, with which I will survive while traveling in Slovakia. – ESC volunteer Salla Sihvola

Got interested? KERIC chooses new volunteers when suitable candidates contact them whenever they have resources to host a new volunteer. You can contact KERIC any time to ask if they would have open positions and interest to choose you as a new volunteer.

Send your message to KERIC to the address and as a copy to us to the address Already in the first message, it is recommended for you to tell about your motivation to volunteer in KERIC. You can also mention, that your sending organization in Finland would be Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland.

European Solidarity Corps Volunteering

ESC volunteering periods are funded by the European Union. The participant may have to pay only a small part of the traveling costs. The voluntary work period includes:

  • travels to the destination country (the participant may have to pay only a small part of the travelling costs)
  • support and communication of the sending organization
  • in the destination county an on-arrival training and a mid-term camp
  • accommodation and daily meals at the destination country
  • a pocket money
  • daily work travel costs to the voluntary workplace
  • a health and accident insurance as well as liability insurance
  • possible visa costs
  • support for learning the local language

Read more about ESC Volunteering in general

About applying for ESC Volunteering in the coronavirus times

  • European Solidarity Corps Volunteering periods can be postponed to a later date or canceled in case needed due to the coronavirus situation (see the news from the Finnish National Agency for Education).
  • In addition, ESC volunteering periods can be started virtually during the rest of the year 2020 if starting the volunteering period physically in the host country is not possible due to exceptional circumstances. The periods will be completed in the host country when the circumstances allow it. (see the news from the Finnish National Agency for Education).
  • It is worth finding out from the flight company, with which kinds of costs the flights would be possible to postpone or cancel if needed.