EVS: Applying Instructions 2018

We send participants to European Voluntary Servie (EVS) for 6–12 months. There are three ways for applying.

The EVS periods are meant for for 18–30‐year-old young adults. They are primarily targeted at youth who have less opportunities than other youth to gain international experience – due to unemployment, for instance.

Project support funding is applied for EVS periods from the European Union. The the first dates for submitting funding applications in 2018 are the 15th of February and the 26th of April.

1. Apply for a project in the database of the EU

Send for the project a motivation letter in which you tell why this certain project interests you and what you could offer for the work community (skills you have gained trough hobbies or working, IT skills and language skills, for instance). You can make your motivation letter in any form – as a video, for instance – if the project does not wish for a particular form.

It is good to include into the motivation letter a brief description on your personality and to mention in it that your sending organization is Maailmanvaihto – ICYE. Our EVS information (which is good to mention) is PIC number 946737364 and accreditation code 2016-1-FI101-KA110-026523. Besides motivation letter, send also an English CV. A photo on you is a nice addition.

When you send your application message for the project, send us a copy of it to the address maailmanvaihto(at)maailmanvaihto.fi. If the voluntary workplace is willing to receive you, we will help the receiving organization to make a funding application for the EU. If needed, we will also assist you and your project in keeping in contact with each other.

If you cannot find EVS possibilites that interest you from the database mentioned below, you can also enquire possible available projects from receiving organizations in the database EVS Accredited Organisations.

2. EVS projects of the ICYE network

Through the ICYE network we can send EVS volunteers to Austria, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. The volunteers mainly work among disabled people or children, and the voluntary work period usually begins in August–September. The application periods vary from according to the country, but for the most projects the application period is in January. We inform about the available projects and about applying for them in our website.

3. Separate EVS projects of the international ICYE

Occasionally there are available separate EVS projects – in Africa and Asia, for instance – coordinated by the international ICYE. We inform about these project and about applying for them in our website. The projects begin throughout the year, and the application period is 2–6 months before the departure.

In all three options we interview the applicant, usually after the voluntary workplace has been confirmed, and we make the the project funding application together with the receiving organization for the national agency of the Erasmus+ proram either in the destination country or in Finland.