ESC: Applying Instructions

Apply for European Solidarity Corps Volunteering! The first step is to register oneself for the European Solidarity Corps Portal and search from there interesting voluntary work positions.

Register for the European Solidarity Corps Portal. The registration does not yet oblige you to participate. Introduce yourself in the My Profile section of the portal and then, look for available positions in the Placements section.

Project support funding is applied for ESC volunteering periods from the European Union. If a voluntary workplaces wishes to receive you as a volunteer, we will assist them in writing the funding application. Also, if needed, we support you and your voluntary workplace in keeping in contact with each other.

2. Search for volunteering possibilities also from other databases

You can also search for open positions from the EU’s Volunteering projects information database and ask for a possible open position from the receiving organizations in the EVS Accredited Organisations database.

3. ESC projects of the ICYE network

Through the ICYE network, we can send EVS volunteers to Austria, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, and Switzerland (EVS). The volunteers mainly work among disabled people or children, and the voluntary work period usually begins in August–September. The application periods vary according to the country, but for most projects, the application period is in January. We inform about the available projects and about applying for them on our website.

In all the options we interview the applicant, usually after the voluntary workplace has been confirmed, and we make the project funding application together with the receiving organization for the national agency of the European Solidarity Corps either in the destination country or in Finland.