Write about returning home for the MaailmanVaihtoa magazine

The coronavirus situation during this spring has caused changes to many volunteers’ plans, especially forcing many to return home earlier than planned and surrounded by uncertainties. How has it been to return home during these months? And what has the returning process been like for volunteers before these exceptional times? How has the return home been perceived from the perspective of the volunteer and the community that has received them? And what kind of support does Maailmanvaihto and its partners provide for the volunteers regarding the returning process and times afterwards?

These questions will be discussed in the upcoming issue of the MaailmanVaihtoa magazine themed ‘Returning home’. After spending time abroad volunteering, practices and environments in one’s home country may seem quite different than they did before leaving for volunteering. It might also feel like finding another home in your heart around the world. Some decide to stay in or return to the country in which they have been volunteering. We want to feature the many sides and stories of returning home.

We’d be happy to receive theme-related articles on our activities. Would you like to write a piece? Contact us and share your ideas! We’re hoping that those interested in writing a piece will be in contact by June 15, and the deadline for materials for articles is August 15, 2020. You can contact the editors-in-chief at maailmanvaihtoalehti@maailmanvaihto.fi