Write to our magazine about learning in international volunteering

Volunteering does not offer learning with a teacher or based on a curriculum. In it the participants learn by doing, experiencing and and co-operating. MaailmanVaihtoa 2/2019 which will be published next fall brings forward this dimension of learning. Besides the learning of the volunteers, the issue explores learning experiences of other actors of international volunteering, such as host families and support person.

Write for the magazine! You can write about, for instance, development of language skills in the daily volunteering activities, the intertwining of formal and non-formal learning at volunteering periods in the school world, different ways of learning and learning challenges as a part of international volunteering co-operation, or insights gained from support person or host family activities. Besides texts we welcome photos, graphics and poems, for instance.

Contact us by Mid-June at kaisa.rahko1@gmail.com for further information and planning!