ICYE-vapaaehtoiseksi ihmisoikeustyön pariin Latinalaiseen Amerikkaan – hae viim. 31.1.2020!

Haluaisitko tutustua ihmisoikeuksien edistämiseen maailmalla ja myös osallistua toimintaan vapaaehtoisena? Tähän on tarjolla mahdollisuuksia ICYE-vapaaehtoisohjelmassa etenkin Latinalaisessa Amerikassa!

Ensi syksynä ICYE-vapaaehtoiseksi ihmisoikeustyöalalle voi lähteä Latinalaisen Amerikan maista Boliviaan, Ecuadoriin, Hondurasiin ja Kolumbiaan.

Vapaaehtoisia vastaanottavat esimerkiksi Kukulcán Asociación, joka työskentelee Hondurasissa sukupuoli- ja seksuaalivähemmistöjen aseman parantamiseksi, sekä Ayni Ruway’s, joka toimii Boliviassa entisten ja nykyisten vankien sekä heidän perheidensä hyvinvoinnin ja yhdenvertaisuuden edistämiseksi. Tutustu vapaaehtoistyöpaikkoihin alta!

Vapaaehtoisjaksot kestävät 6 tai 12 kuukautta, joten pääset tutustumaan pintaa syvemmältä työyhteisöösi ja paikalliseen ympäristöön. Vapaaehtoistyössä maailmankuva avartuu ja kielitaitoa kertyy. Haasta itsesi oppimaan maailmalla!

Osallistujilta odotetaan kiinnostusta erilaisia kulttuureja ja ihmisiä kohtaan, motivoituneisuutta vapaaehtoistyöhön sekä englannin kielen taitoa. Useimmat ihmisoikeustyön parissa toimivat vapaaehtoistyöpaikat edellyttävät myös, että osallistujat osaavat jo yhteistyön alkaessa hieman espanjaa. Ohjelmaan on osallistumismaksu (Latinalaisen Amerikan maissa 3 950 € / 6 kk ja 4 950 € / 12 kk), jolla osallistujat saavat mm. ylläpidon, valmennusta, kielikurssin sekä vakuutuksen.

Hae elo–syyskuun 2020 lähtöön viimeistään 31.1.2020! Hakijoille järjestetään valintapäivä Helsingissä 8.2.2020.

Tutustu ICYE-ohjelmaan yleisesti
Hakuohjeet ja -lomake


1) Asamblea Permanente de Derechos Humanos de Bolivia (APDHB) is a democratic and pluralistic organization, with no religious or political affiliation. Its main aim is to contribute to the building of a democratic culture with respect and tolerance. >> Lue lisää (icye.org)

2) Ayni Ruway’s main mission is to fight for the equality of inmates, former inmates and their families. By providing workshops and skill shares they hope to enhance the quality of life and facilitate integration of incarcerated individuals back into society. Ayni Ruway goals include offering educational, health and legal services within all Cochabamba prisons and to all former inmates at its community centre. Also to provide workshops on violence prevention, help inmates make an income by providing skill shares and training, offer childcare services for the children of current and former inmates, and help with the marketing and distribution of goods produced by current and former inmates. The projects are implemented in the four prison facilities of the City of Cochabamba (San Sebastian Women, Men San Sebastian, San Antonio, El Abra) and two sites in the provinces. Ayni Ruway also deals with current and potential buyers of products produced by inmates while in jail. These can be both domestic and international. The focus is on maintaining a constant relationship so that prisoners have a secure source of income. >> Lue lisää (icye.org)

3) Training and Civil Rights (CDC) is an NGO founded in 1993 that promotes a culture of peace and human rights by providing education and legal assistance to vulnerable sectors of the population such as children and adolescents coming from disadvantaged families and people deprived from their liberty. The project provides a yearly legal training programme to students (mainly of law) in public and private universities as well as professional lawyers, to increase their understanding of human rights. These young professionals then carry out legal work in the field, either giving human rights workshops to children, adults, prisoners, police etc., or working on specific legal cases. We work with adolescents and students in social and scholastic settings and with adults, primarily women, civil society organisations, penitentiary populations, security guards and the police. >> Lue lisää (icye.org)

4) Fundación Igualdad LGBT works to promote human rights of people with different sexual orientation (lesbian, gay, bisexual) and gender identity (transgender and transvestite). It identifies two main areas: Health and Human Rights and the projects are confined in them.

  • Project 1: Contributing to the development of democracy, promoting effective implementation of civil and political rights of people with different sexual orientation and gender identity within the framework of the Constitution of  Bolivia and international treaties in force.
  • Project 2: Strengthened organizational and ideologically LGBT Collective in Ascension Guarayos, Montero, Camiri and Santa Cruz de la Sierra to generate a political horizon, a discourse and a practice that allows cohesion and partnership with other sectors, the construction of new social relations and a better quality of life
  • Project 3: Increased levels of prevention against HIV-AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and protection of human rights in, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) in Santa Cruz >> Lue lisää (icye.org)

5) ITEI – Instituto de Terapia e Investigación is an interdisciplinary institute designed to serve people affected directly and indirectly, by torture and violence, through processes that facilitate their rehabilitation. ITEI hopes to create a collective consciousness about the consequences of a state violence and repair, helping create a socio-historical memory that will benefit the eradication of these practices in Bolivia.  ITEI works directly with survivors of massacres, people affected by political repression, people affected by torture, political prisoners, political refugees in our country, people returned from exile, relatives of dead and disappeared, family environment and community groups mentioned above. >> Lue lisää (icye.org)

”Järjestön tavoitteena on omalta osaltaan luoda oikeudenmukainen yhteiskunta, jossa ihmisarvoa kunnioitetaan”, kertoo vapaaehtoistyöntekijä Johanna Hietapakka ITEI-järjestöstä. Lue Johannan artikkeli sekä  työntekijä Andrés Gautierin artikkeli.


1) Adole Isis – Casa de la mujer. The project has two main aims: 1. It is a center for pregnant adolescents and mothers from 11 to 18 years old who left their home because of high risk of violence (abuse, sexual abuse etc.) 2. The center works in schools on issues of sexual sicknesses prevention >> Lue lisää (icye.org)


1) ACI-Participa – Asociación para una Ciudadanía Participativa is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation founded in 2003 with the main aim of promoting respect of human rights in Honduras, encouraging citizenship participation in the decision-making sectors. It provides professional aid to unions, human rights groups, student associations, the LGBTIQ+ community, environmentalists, feminist organisations and other advocates of democratic values. It also works with children and youth in training processes on values, leadership and positive behaviour changes. The organisation receives financial and technical support from the following main partners: International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH for its acronym in French), World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT for its acronym in French), European Union, Pan American Development Foundation – PADF, Freedom House, HEKS/EPER, We Effect (formerly Swedish Cooperative Centre), Trócaire, GIZ (DeutscheGesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH), Hivos, among others. >> Lue lisää (icye.org)

2) CDM – Centro de Derechos de Mujeres is a feminist organisation that promotes the strengthening of autonomy, justice, the exercise of rights, citizenship and gender equality for women. It is a national and internationally recognised organisation for its contribution in reducing the unequal relationships of power between genders, and for its work in favour of women rights. >> Lue lisää (icye.org)

3) Kukulcán Asociación is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation that develops programmes and projects focused to improve the life conditions of the LGBTIQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer, Questioning) population of Honduras, in terms of sexual health, human rights, citizenship participation, gender equality and education in order to contribute to their comprehensive human development. Kukulcán  Asociación works with youth aged 18-35 who are members of the LGBTIQ+ community. >> Lue lisää (icye.org)


1) Hogares Claret – Casa Claret. The project cares for children and teenagers between 6 and 18 years old that are in a vulnerable situation – threatened or neglected. The program has a recreational-cultural approach to pedagogy. The main aim is to re-establish fundamental human rights. >> Lue lisää (icye.org)

2) Hogares Claret – San Gabriel. The project cares for children and teenagers between 6 and 18 years old that are in a vulnerable situation – threatened or neglected. The program has a recreational-cultural approach to pedagogy. The main aim is to re-establish fundamental human rights. >> Lue lisää (icye.org)