Apply for ESC Volunteering at the Office of Maailmanvaihto

Interested in the world of international volunteering? Would you like to get to know activities in the NGO field? Are you aged at 18–30? Are your plans for this autumn open? This is an opportunity for you!

Maailmanvaihto is looking for a young person for European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Volunteering to its office.

  • Volunteering period: 5.10.2020–28.2.2021 (almost 5 months)
  • Voluntary workplace: The office of Maailmanvaihto, Helsinki, Finland
  • Accommodation: The volunteer will live in a host family in the Helsinki region. The volunteer will receive an allowance for the lunch, the host family will provide the volunteer with other meals. In case public transportation travels are needed for the way to work, the costs will be covered for the volunteer.
  • Applying: Apply by 10.9.2020 (see the instruction below)

We are looking for a young person who has less opportunities than other youth to gain international experience, due to unemployment, for instance. The place is open for applying for both young people living in Finland and for young people living in the Program and Partner countries of the European Solidarity Corps. Due to the quick schedule, the place is open for applying only for applicants living in those countries from which one does not need a residence permit to Finland.

Maailmanvaihto and the goals of the volunteering period

Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland is a non-profit NGO working in the field of international volunteering, organising long-term volunteer work programs for young adults (18–30+ years). Maailmanvaihto is a member of the ICYE Federation (International Cultural Youth Exchange), which consists of 40 organisations worldwide.

Maailmanvaihto coordinates ICYE and ESC volunteering activities, annually sending about 20–30 Finnish young people to volunteer abroad and receiving about 30–40 volunteers to Finland. Our principles are intercultural learning, active citizenship and global responsibility. Maailmanvaihto is led by the board with twelve board members. There are three full-time staff members working at the office: Secretary General, Program Coordinator and Communications Officer and a good number of volunteer co-workers who run the activities of the organisation.

Aims of the ESC volunteering period is to offer the participant an opportunity to learn about internationality, a youth exchange organisation’s activities and communication work. The volunteer enrich our organisational culture by bringing into the work community their skills, ideas and points of views.

ESC volunteer’s role and tasks

The volunteer will support the Maailmanvaihto office staff in informing young people about the volunteering possibilities and in organising international volunteer programs. Volunteer’s work tasks include:

  • Office work related to organising volunteer programs (e-mailing with volunteers and partner organisations, promoting available placements and assisting in the selection processes and travel arrangements)
  • Practical arrangements of training for volunteers as well as other events (e.g. kitchen work and taking photos & making videos)
  • Hosting the Language Café of Maailmanvaihto or some other own own project based on one’s own skills and ideas Developing a project according to the skills and ideas of the volunteer, emphasizing communication work (e.g. videos and social media campaigns on learning in international volunteering)
  • Taking photos and making and editing videos, making graphic design, making social media posts
  • Making a newsletter for the international volunteers
  • Updating guidebooks for the international volunteers and other material
  • Reviewing and updating the English website
  • Participating in making the Maailmanvaihtoa magazine

In their tasks, the volunteer needs fluent English skills and it is useful to know Finnish, too. We expect that the participant has their own initiative and is eager to use their skills and bring forward their ideas. We also expect responsibility, a systematic approach as well as communication and cooperation skills. The volunteering period is suits for a young person interested in communication and information work. For the participant, there are available Office programs as well as the products of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

In case the coronasituation requires, the volunteer – as well as other members of the office team, can perform their tasks partly or fully from home. And in case necessary due to the coronasituation, the beginning of the volunteering period can be postponed.


  • Download and fill in the application form: pdf or docx. Send your application to the address
    • In case you have previously (as your hobby, for instance) taken photos or made videos, graphics, layouts or other communication material, you are welcome to attach examples of them into your application if you wish.
    • In case you apply into the placement from Finland, you can leave blank the question on the sending support organisation.
  • Apply by 10.9.2020. We will interview soon after the deadline the pre-selected candidates.

European Solidarity Corps Volunteering

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Volunteering is meant for 18–30-year-olds and it is funded by the European Union. These costs will be covered these costs:

  • accommodation and daily meals
  • pocket money
  • daily work travels to the office of Maailmanvaihto
  • on-arrival training and mid-term training
  • health and accident insurance as well as freedom of responsibility insurance
  • support for learning Finnish
  • (in case the participant is from outside Finland) travels to Finland
  • (in case the participant is from outside Finland) the support and communication of the sending organisation in the home country

Get to know ESC Volunteering in general

Accessibility information

In Maailmanvaihto’s office it is possible to move around with a wheelchair, but the office space is unfortunately not completely wheelchair accessible: there is an approximately 7 cm doorstep at the entrance, and the toilet is not big enough for a wheelchair. In case you have a disability or a long-term illness, please contact us prior to applying in order to find out in case we could offer you the support you need.

“Volunteering at Maailmanvaihto has given me the opportunity to try all kinds of different tasks, from getting to know the volunteers on a piece of paper to helping them with their travels and meeting them face to face. Volunteering with a youth exchange NGO is very gratifying as you interact with different kinds of people and learn a little more about the world.” – ESC volunteer Isa Hernandez