The Board of Maailmanvaihto

The board of our organization is in charge of our operations and co-operation with other non-governmental organizations. The board works on voluntary basis.

Maailmanvaihto’s board is selected by the general assembly, the highest decision-making body of the organization, which meets twice a year. All members of Maailmanvaihto are allowed to vote in the general assmebly. Maailmanvaihto has some seven hundred members.

Board 2019

  1. How did you end up joining in the activities of Maailmanvaihto?
  2. What sorts of tasks have you had in Maailmanvaihto?
  3. With what kind of a life philosophy do you approach your position as a board member and life in general?


Maiju Alakurtti

programs of international volunteers in Finland

  1. I began as as an intern of Maailmanvaihto in the spring 2016.
  2. Afterwards I begun being a support person and now I am also a board member.
  3. One will always get along with a positive attitude!


Mia-Elina Aintila

volunteering programs abroad (training camps)

  1. Some years ago I traveled through Maailmanvaihto to Colombia for a volunteering year.
  2. Afterwards I have done an internship at Maailmanvaihto, presented the organization in events and interviewed applicants for volunteering. I have also participated in training camp teams.
  3. Eagerly and and with curiosity: there is always something to learn, people and meaningful interaction are priorities.

Eeva Airikkala

volunteering programs abroad (selecting the volunteers)

  1. In 2015, I participated in the European Voluntary Service through Maailmanvaihto.
  2. I have lectured in trainings of Maailmanvaihto as well as interviewed future volunteers.
  3. A rolling stone gathers no moss!


Anne-Mari Ikonen

programs of international volunteers in Finland (support person actitivities)

  1. I worked as an intern at Maailmanvaihto in the summer 2016.
  2. I have been an intern and I have participated in the training camp team of Maailmanvaihto.
  3. Boldly fowards towards new adventures and challenges!


Taru Itälinna

communication work (social media)

  1. I joined in the activities of Maailmanvaihto in the autumn 2018 by participating in a training in which I was trained to act as an interviewer of volunteering applicants.
  2. I have worked as an interviewer in the selection day for volunteering applicants in 2018 and now I participate for the year 2019 in the board as a deputy member.
  3. By daring to take on new challenges, one can gain much much new meaningful content into one’s life.


Ronja Junno

programs of international volunteers in Finland (co-operation with host families and voluntary workplaces)

  1. I volunteered for a year in Bolivia and after my return in the autumn 2016 I wanted to join in the activities of Maailmanvaihto.
  2. I have been a support person, participated in different events and been a part of a training camp team.
  3. I always face new challenges with joy.


Roosa Kontiokari


  1. I went to volunteer in Nepal through Maailmanvaihto in the autumn 2014. After my return I stayed in the activities of Maailmanvaihto.
  2. Many kinds! At least I have been a board member, participated in communication and training camp tasks and acted a school visitor.
  3. Life is much more fun when you know how to laugh at yourself and also a bit to other things, too.


Anna Mäkinen

programs of international volunteers in Finland (training camps)

  1. Like many other board members, I came along to the activities of Maailmanvaihto through an internship. The atmosphere at the office was very inspiring, the tasks interesting and the vision of the organization so well-fitting to my values that I decided to try my wings also as member of the board!
  2. During my internship I participated in all the arrangements related to the programme of the incoming volunteers and I got to lead their on-arrival training camp. Afterwards I have participated in the camp activities as a volunteer.
  3. It’s a cliché, but true: With an open mind towards new challenges!


Kaisa Rahko

communication work (magazine MaailmanVaihtoa – Volunteers’ Voices)

  1. I went to volunteer in Peru in August 2014 and after my return in jumped along into voluntary tasks in Finland.
  2. During the couple of years I have worked as, e.g., a trainer, school visitor and presenter of the organization. In 2017 I participated in the communication team as another person in charge of the MaailmanVaihtoa magazine.
  3. By doing and boldly trying out things one learns the best, I think – both in the board of Maailmanvaihto and in life in general.


Alma Smolander

communication work (school visiting activities)

  1. I got to know Maailmanvaihto when I myself spent my gap year after upper secondary school in Vietnam. I worked in a school for disabled children. The work was very rewarding.
  2. After returning to Finland I have done school visits, mainly in upper secondary schools, and told about my experiences in a country of the global South. In the board I now work as a person in charge of the school visits.
  3. One gets by with a positive attitude.


Anna Ylitalo

communication work (social media)

  1. I went to volunteer in Costa Rica through Maailmanvaihto in August 2014 and after returning to Finland I felt a need for peer support, sympathy and good meeting snacks. Despite all this it was only through coincide that I ended up into the board: I, by accident, participated in the autumn in the general assembly of the organization in which the board was selected. This is how it begun.
  2. I have worked as Maailmanvaihto’s school visitor, interviewed future volunteers, participated in meetings of a network of organiations of interntational volunteering, presented Maailmanvaihto in fairs and pondered upon communication matters in the meetings of the communication team.
  3. I get easily excited about new things, and I like to target my look into the unknown – there can be a new adventure around every corner!


Fabienne Zogg

communication work (magazine MaailmanVaihtoa – Volunteers’ Voices)

  1. I volunteered through Maailmanvaihto for half a year in Ghana in the season 2014–2015.
  2. I have participated in presenting Maailmanvaihto at different events and interviewed applicants for volunteering.
  3. Boldly towards new and unknown things.

Implementing the equality plan: The person in charge of this in the team of volunteering programs abroad is Mia-Elina Aintila and in the team of communication work Taru Itälinna. In the team of the programs of international volunteers in Finland, Anna Mäkinen is in charge of implementing the plan in the training camp activities, and the team will later decide a person in charge for implementing the plan in host family and voluntary workplace co-operation as well as in support person activities.