Operating Principles

Maailmanvaihto is a politically and religiously uncommitted non-governmental organization. Our activities are base on trustfulness and openness.

Our values are intercultural learning, global responsibility and active citizenship.

Intercultural learning: Long-term  voluntary work program offers for young adults a challenging intercultural learning experience, which advances the growth and the development of the individual and gives them new perspectives. Intercultural learning advances co-operation across cultural borders.

Global responsibility: Participating in an international voluntary work program advances the awareness of young adults on development, equity and environment questions. It also advances their activity on these questions.

Active citizenship: Young adults have a possibility to participate in responsible international voluntary work and in activities of a non-governmental organization, which in turn advances the active role of the youth in the society.

”Maailmanvaihto is a widely know organizer of qualitative voluntary work programs and a channel for intercultural learning. The activities of the organization inspire for civic advocacy.” This is the vision reaching until the year 2030 of Maailmanvaihto.

Ecological sustainability

As a peace organization Maailmanvaihto aims for a socially equal world. Strongly liked to this goal is ecological sustainability.  Climate chance, especially in the global level, is also a question of equality, because it is the minorities and the people with weakest livelihood, how suffer the most of the environmental problems.

When working with the youth at the international field, we aim at increasing the environmental awareness of the the youth involved as well as to strengthen their ability to act as individuals on environmental matters.

Maailmanvaihto’s own environmental burden we aim at minimizing within the functional, economic and human resources. The aims we try to incorporate into all the activities of Maailmanvaihto.

Activities based on the principals

In recent year, we have put effort into developing the the quality of the voluntary work programs, e.g. by staring two projects on impact research in co-operation with students academy students. In addition, in co-operation with the network Kansainvälisen Vapaaehtoistyön Verkoston (KaVa) we have had an impact research done by students of Humak University of Applied Sciences. In order to advance our global education work on advancing intercultural understanding, we have put effort on our school visiting activities.

For advancing equality in our activities, we have made an Equality Plan.