Participate in Voluntary Activities

Do you live in Finland? Are you interested in activities of an international non-governmental organization? The most part of Maailmanvaihto’s activities are carried out by volunteers, come and join us!

We welcome into our voluntary activities people interested in intercultural learning. By participating in our voluntary activities you can gain new experiences, skills and friends.

We have tasks that require little to none training and can be picked up easily, as well as more challenging ones that require more training and commitment. It is possible to get a certificate on participating in our activities.

Voluntary tasks

Become a voluntary workplace

Would you like to promote intercultural learning in your work community in Finland? Receive a foreign volunteer into your workplace!

Read more about becoming a voluntary workplace

Become a host family

Invite the world into your home and become a host family for a young international volunteer. The volunteers stay in Finland for 6–12 months.

Read more about becoming a ho st family

Become a Buddy

As a Buddy, you will get to support an international volunteer in networking and getting to know local living in Finland.

Read more about becoming a Buddy

Join teams of training camps

We look for camp instructors as well as kitchen workers for training camps which we organize for young volunteers heading abroad for volunteering as well as for international volunteers coming for volunteering to Finland.

Read more about joining the camp teams

Join the communication work group

In our communication work group, you will get to train your skills communication skills as well as get to know new people. You can, for instance, take photographs of our activities or participate in planning social media campaigns for Maailmanvaihto.

Read more about the communication work group

Editorial team of MaailmanVaihtoa – Volunteers Voices

You can participate in making our magazine by writing articles, taking photos, or making graphics for the magazine.

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”The most rewarding thing in volunteering is meeting new people in a free and open-minded environment.” – Inka Rantakallio, Maailmanvaihto’s camp instructor