Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland

Maailmanvaihto is a religiously and politically uncommitted non-governmental organization that has as its core aim building intercultural understanding.

We organise international youth exchanges. We believe that intercultural understanding increases when people from different countries work together and get to know each other’s perspectives from a deeper level.

18 people pose in a group photo in front of a building.

Each year we send a total of 30-40 young people to different continents and receive a similar number of volunteers to Finland from Europe and further afield. Volunteers work in non-profit organisations and live with their workplace or host family.

For a description of the operating principles on international exchanges, see the Operating Principles page. Maailmanvaihto represents in Finland the international network International Cultural Youth Exchange.

The activities of Maailmanvaihto are mainly financed by the participation fees of participants who go abroad from Finland to do voluntary work, by the European Union’s support for the European Solidarity Corps, and by a grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Maailmanvaihto has around seven hundred members. Why not join us, too!

Maailmanvaihto is a member of Fingo (an NGO platform and an expert on global development), Allianssi (the umbrella organization of the youth work field), Kansalaisareena – Citizen Forum. and Moniheli (network of multicultural associations).