Frequently asked questions

How can I apply for an ICYE volutary work period in Finland?

We receive ICYE volunteers through our partner organisations of the ICYE Federation. There are ICYE organisations in some 40 countries in all continents. You will find the contact information of each ICYE organisation from ICYE’s international homepage. Please see if there is an ICYE organisation in your country you live in. If there is, please contact them for further information.

How can I apply for an ESC voluntary work period in Finland?

Please see from this page if we currently have ESC projects available and the deadlines for applying to them. From the same page you will find instructions for applying as well as the application form.

Are the age limits for participating in an ICYE or ESC period in Finland?

To both ICYE and ESC volunteering the minimum age is 18 years. To ESC periods in Finland the maximum age is 30 years whereas in the ICYE programme the upper age limit is flexible.