ICYE Voluntary Program

We receive every year about 20–25 volunteers from ICYE partner countries. Join in the program!

International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) program offers a chance to volunteer for 6 or 12 months. How do people live their daily life in Finland? Come and explore this as an ICYE volunteer!

The aim of the voluntary work periods is to create grass-root level contacts and understanding between people with different kinds of backgrounds. Time spent in volunteering is especially about sharing the daily life.

The ICYE volunteers mostly work in Finland in the field of social work and education – in kindergartens, schools, folk high schools and child welfare institutions, for instance. The volunteers are accommodated either at the work placement or in a local host family. Most of the volunteers arrive in Finland in August.

“The profit you take for yourself and the things you can give to others are amazing. So, people: go abroad and make yourself and others a wonderful time!” – Vera, ICYE volunteer from Germany

You can read more about the ICYE voluntary work placements in Finland from our Work Profile below. The profile includes examples on possible voluntary workplaces. It does not hold all the projects, and not all the projects in the profile are hosting volunteers each year.


For whom?

No prior experience is required from participants. Just a positive attitude and motivation for voluntary work and learning new things! It is also very useful to know at least the basics of English – or Finnish.

The ICYE voluntary work program is mostly for persons aged between 18 to 30 years, but the upper age limit is flexible.


The ICYE volunteers themselves pay a program fee for their National ICYE Committee. The amount of the program fee differs from country to country.

The program fee comprises of an health insurance, Finnish language and cultural training, full board and the support from Maailmanvaihto during the voluntary work period.

The daily travel costs between place of accommodation and work are covered, and the volunteer workplace provides the volunteer with the monthly pocket money. In 2016–2017 the pocket money is 95 € per month.

How to apply?

Maailmanvaihto receives ICYE volunteers to Finland only through our partner organisations of the ICYE Federation. Please contact your the local ICYE office of your country of residence for further information.

There are National Committees of the ICYE Federation in some 40 countries in all continents. You will find the contact information of each National Committee from ICYE’s international homepage.

Further information?

For further information on applying for the ICYE program, please contact your local ICYE office. For more information about life in Finland, please read our National Profile: