European Solidarity Corps: Applying Instructions

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, apply for volunteer work abroad with the European Solidarity Corps! You can apply to positions offered by Maailmanvaihto’s partner organisations or to positions listed on the European Youth Portal.

Watch the video (in Finnish) on application instructions and read more below. Volunteer periods start throughout the year – explore current opportunities!


1) Apply for the open Europan Solidarity Corps positions of Maailmanvaihto’s co-operation organisations

Maailmanvaihto has many partners across Europe. Over the years, several volunteers have traveled through us to some of the voluntary workplaces of the European Solidarity Corps, to participate in EU-supported volunteer work.

We are a member of the International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) federation (, and our ICYE partners in Iceland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, and Russia coordinate volunteer periods in the European Solidarity Corps.


We also announce our partners’ positions in the European Solidarity Corps in our newsletter (in Finnish). Subscribe to our newsletter (MailChimp)

2) Apply for volunteering through the European Youth Portal

Find more open positions in the European Solidarity Corps on the European Youth Portal’s database. To apply for positions in the database, you need to register for the European Solidarity Corps on the portal. Registration is not binding.

After registering:

Once you are registered with the European Solidarity Corps, voluntary workplaces may also contact you to propose collaboration. You are free to choose whether to seize the opportunity.


When to apply for volunteering?

We recommend applying at least approximately six months before your planned departure since volunteer periods often start no earlier than six months after the application deadline. However, it may be possible to embark on the journey sooner in some cases.

When a position in the European Solidarity Corps is open, the coordinating organization in the destination country has typically applied for and secured funding from the European Union for the volunteer period. However, funding confirmation may occur only after the volunteer has been selected. The EU has a few annual dates when organizations can apply for funding.

For more information

Do you have questions about the application process? Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide more details. 😊

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