ESC Volunteering: Available Projects

Apply for the European Solidarity Corps Volunteering periods in Finland! On this page you can find those projects coordinated by Maailmanvaihto that are currently seeking volunteers and instructions for applying.

A notion for the applicants: The available European Solidarity Corps Volunteering periods can be postponed to a later date or cancelled in case needed due to the Corona virus situation (see the news from the Finnish National Agency for Education).

To apply, please download Maailmanvaihto’s application form:
application form (pdf) or application form (docx).

You can find instructions for filling in the form from the bottom of this page. Please read also read carefully the project descriptions below as well as the program information. Please note that Maailmanvaihto only accepts applications which have been filled into Maailmanvaihto’s application form. Send your filled-in application to evs(a)

Available ESC Projects

No ESC projects currently available.

How to apply? Three simple steps:

  1. Choose from the list above the project you wish to apply to.
  2. After selecting the project, download and fill in Maailmanvaihto’s application form: application form (pdf) or application form (docx). If you wish to apply to more than one project, please fill in a separate form for each project. Write your answers on the green blank fields. There is no length limit for your answers.
  3. Send your application form as an email attachment to: evs(a) Write the project name to the subject field. Attach your application to the message and send. Photos are optional.

Please note these things: