ESC Volunteering: Available Projects

Apply for the European Solidarity Corps Volunteering periods in Finland! On this page you can find those projects coordinated by Maailmanvaihto that are currently seeking volunteers and instructions for applying.

Please note: The available European Solidarity Corps Volunteering periods can be postponed to a later date or cancelled in case needed due to the Corona virus situation (see the news from the Finnish National Agency for Education).

How to apply? Three simple steps:

  1. Read carefully the project descriptions below and choose from the list the project you wish to apply to.
  2. After selecting the project, download and fill in Maailmanvaihto’s pdf application form or docx application form. If you wish to apply to more than one project, please fill in a separate form for each project. Write your answers on the green blank fields. There is no length limit for your answers.
  3. Send your application form as an email attachment to: evs(a) Write the project name to the subject field. Attach your application to the message and send. Photos are optional.

Please note these things:


Available ESC Projects

1) Kisälli-Harjulanmäki

KISÄLLI-HARJULANMÄKI has two main activities: a nursing home called “Harjulanmäki” for people with mental disabilities and a workshop called “Kisälli”, which provides art and work therapy for people with disabilities. The volunteers mainly work in the latter.

Kisälli produces in the workshop handicraft products of high quality. Kisälli collaborates with artists and designers. The scope of cooperation is varied, from artistic collaboration to artists designing products for Kisälli to produce. The fruits of the collaboration are often presented in art exhibitions and museums.

Five people with learning disabilities live in Harjulanmäki. The home has one employee per work shift. Kisälli workshop is attended by 9–10 people and it has two staff members.

2) Lehtimäki Special Folk High School

LEHTIMÄKI SPECIAL FOLK HIGH SCHOOL (Lehitmäen opisto) is a boarding school for youth and adults with special needs. The school offers 70 places for students, and there are more than 100 different short term courses for youth, adults and elderly with disabilities and their families. The school offers rehabilitation courses, such as riding therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Some training is aimed at increasing the occupational capacities of the students, through computer literacy training, for example. The school builds its activities around values of respecting individuality and uniqueness of people, equality among people, participation, safety and community.

3) Seurakuntaopisto – The Church Training College

SEURAKUNTAOPISTO (The Church Training College) is a private educational learning institution run by Kirkkopalvelut. Seurakuntaopisto has campus areas in Järvenpää, Pieksämäki, Lapua, Kaustinen, Nykarleby and Ruokolahti. Seurakuntaopisto is specialized in social and healthcare education, humanities and various church professions. Seurakuntaopisto also offers preparatory training and guidance and short courses for people with special needs and other groups of people.

Although being a mainstream vocational college, Seurakuntaopisto offers and develops educational services also for immigrants and people with special needs caused by learning problems, mental disability, etc. Seurakuntaopisto organizes leisure time activities for the students, because many of them stay in the dormitory during their study weeks.
Seurakuntaopisto has approximately 2 000 students annually and about 180 employees. The aim of the background organization Kirkkopalvelut is to build bridges between people, communities and the Christian church.

4) Myllylähde Community

MYLLYLÄHDE is a village community providing accommodation and work activities for adults with special needs. It is part of the international Camphill movement which was established to create participatory and inclusive communities for people with special needs, like learning disabilities.

The community members cooperate and work together to share the different tasks, such as household tasks, arts&crafts workshop activities, gardening, and ecological farming. In Camphill Communities, each person contributes according to their abilities towards the well-being of their fellows. The community is based on general Christian values and principles.

The work of Myllylähde consists of biodynamic agriculture, animal care, gardening, packing of the agriculture products and weavery and handicrafts workshops. All work is done together with adults with special needs.