Volunteers’ Voices Editorial Team

Become a member of the Volunteers’ Voices Magazine’s editorial team!

MaailmanVaihtoa – Volunteers’ Voices is Maailmanvaihto’s official magazine which is published twice a year. The magazine presents the organization’s current affairs ans shares the volunteers’ experiences from Finland and abroad.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief if responsible for planning and collecting the materials and preparing them for the graphic artist. In addition, the magazine needs also reporters and people with skills in graphic design.

For reporters, we are primarily looking for volunteers who can commit in writing at least one article for the upcoming two magazines.

For editor-in-chief, we are looking for a volunteer who can commit to the task for at least a year. Editor in-chief plans, collects and edits the material for the magazine.

For graphic designer, we are primarily looking for a volunteer who can commit to the task for at least a year. Editing one magazine into printable form usually takes one or two days, though this naturally depends on the graphic designer’s skills. In addition, the graphic designer will participate in meetings with the editor-in-chief and Maailmanvaihto’s Communication Officer.

For whom?

Reporter: The task is suitable for anyone interested in writing and Maailmanvaihto’s activities. Prior experience in writing is a benefit but not necessary. Reporters must be able to write either in English, Finnish or Swedish.

Editor-in-chief: The task requires interest in Maailmanvaihto’s activities and coordinating the editing process and maintain the schedule. Editor-in-chief must also proofread the articles which can be either in English, Finnish or Swedish.

Graphic Designer: Graphic designer must be able to use the programs needed and has access to InDesign or other similar publishing application. Prior experience is a benefit but not necessary.


Reporter: Reporters will receive writing guidelines from editor-in-chief or communications officer. If needed, they will also receive support in planning the article and reaching the possible interviewees.

Editor-in-chief: Former editor-in-chief, communications offices and graphic designer will introduce the new editor-in-chief to the task.

Graphic designer: Former graphic designer, editor-in-chief and communications officer will introduce the new graphic designer to the task. They will also receive the guidelines for Maailmanvaihto’s layout.

How to participate?

We are looking for reporters throughout the year. In order to become one, contact us at maailmanvaihtoalehti@maailmanvaihto.fi. Include a free-form introduction about yourself and your motivation in participating the team. and volunteers for the other posts when needed. You can find the information from Maailmanvaihto’s website and newsletter.

Additional information

Questions! Contact us! You can reach the Editors-in-chief Emma Niemi and Fabienne Zogg at maailmanvaihtoalehti@maailmanvaihto.fi.