European Solidarity Corps volunteering in Austria – apply 9th June at the latest!

Our Austrian co-operation organization Grenzenlos is looking for young people aged at 18–30 years to fourteen workplaces. Give your input and learn new in early childhood education or the cultural field, for instance!

Get to know the workplaces and the tasks of the volunteers as well as the experiences of previous participants on the website of Melange. The volunteering periods last for 10–12 months and begin in next September–October, if the coronavirus situation allows.

An example of these inspiring voluntary workplaces is the culture center Kulturhaus Brotfabrik in the outskirts of Vienna. In the center, the residents of the district decrease isolation and strengthen solidarity and social cohesion within the neighbourhood.

While volunteering in the European Solidarity Corps, the volunteer learns via daily life co-operation. The volunteering periods offer a chance to learn from deeper than just the surface both the voluntary workplace and local living. Volunteering co-operation in the open positions is coordinated by the youth exchange organization Grenzenlos which also supports the volunteers.

The volunteering periods will be subsidized by the EU. With the support, the volunteers will for instance be provided with accommodation, insurance and support for language learning. In addition, the travel costs to Austria will be covered (the participant may need to pay only a small portion of the travel costs) . We at Maailmanvaihto can act as a sending support organiaztion for the volunteers who head for the experience from Finland. We will train the volunteers and be a part of their support network throughout the volunteering period. After their return, we will meet the volunteers to explore together with them the learning experience and we will welcome them to join in our upcoming activities.

The European Solidarity Corps volunteers is meant for people aged at 18–30 years. In order to participate, you don’t need to have an educational or work background – motivation for international volunteering as well as practical English skills are enough. The positions are primarily targeted at those young adults who have less opportunities than their peers to gain international experience, due to unemployment, for instance. Learn more about the European Solidarity Corps volunteering in general.


Apply on 9th May 2021 at the latest!  See on the website of Melange the applying instructions and download from there the  application form (docx). Send your fiilled-in application form and your CV in English to Grenzenlos to Please, remember to tell in your applicatin form about your motivation to apply to the voluntary workplace in question. If you wish to apply for several workplaces, please fill in a separate application form for each workplace.

You are welcome to name in your application Maailmanvaihto (Oikokatu 3, 00250 Helsinki, Finland; +358 50 452 5660; as your sending organisation. Our OID code is E10126971 and our contact person Secretary General Anni Koskela. NB! Maailanvaihto can work as your sending organisation only if you live in Finland. Send you application message as a copy to us at If the voluntary workplace would like to receive you as a volunteer, let’s set up a meeting to get to know each other, and if everything seems good for you and us, let’s agree upon co-operation.

Accessibility information

In case you have a disability or a long-term illness, you can, if you wish, ask from Grenzenlos at whether if it would be possible to arrange for you the kind of support that you would need, in case you got selected as a volunteer. In you wish, we can also ask for this information from Gzenzenlos for you. You can reach us at

About applying for ESC Volunteering in the coronavirus times

European Solidarity Corps Volunteering period can be started if starting the volunteering period physically in the host country is not possible due to exceptional circumstances. The periods will be completed in the host country when the circumstances allow it. European Solidarity Corps Volunteering can also be postponed to a later date or canceled in case needed due to the coronavirus situation (see the news from the Finnish National Agency for Education). It is worth finding out from the flight company, with which kinds of costs the flights would be possible to postpone or cancel if needed.

Further information

In case you have any questions, please contact us! We will be happy to answer. You can reach us via e-mail from the address and by phone from the number 050 452 5660.

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