Privacy Policy: Reports of harassment in Maailmanvaihto’s activities

Privacy policy
Basis: Personal Data 523/1999 *)
EU Data Protection Regulation
Date: 15.05.2022

1. The keeper of the register
Name: Maailmanvaihto ry
Business ID: 0281262-7
Address: Oikokatu 3, 00170 Helsinki
Other contact information:
Phone number: 050 452 5660

2. Contact person for matters concerning the register
Name: Secretary General Anni Koskela
Address: Address of Maailmanvaihto ry (above)
Phone number: 050 452 5660
E-mail address:

3. Name of the register
Reports of harassment in the activities of Maailmanvaihto

4. The purpose of processing personal data
Processing of harassment incidents reported in the context of Maailmanvaihto

5. The content of the register
1) The information submitted by the reporter,
– where the harassment occurred
– when the harassment occurred
– who harassed
– what happened and who was present
2) The name and email address and telephone number of the reporting party
3) Any other additional information provided by the reporting party
4) The reporting party’s request as to whether they want to be contacted
5) Information on the handling of the case by Maailmanvaihto

6. Normal sources of information
The information is obtained from the person who filed the harassment report through an electronic form or other means.

7. The processing of data within Maailmanvaihto

Access to documents is limited within Maailmanvaihto.
The information as such is handled confidentially by Maailmanvaihto office staff and the board of Maailmanvaihto. The reports of harassment will be forwarded via the electronic form available on Maailmanvaihto homepage to the email of the Secretary General. In his/her absence, the reports will be received by another member of the office staff.
The recipient will inform of the harassment report to the harassment contact person and the president of the Maailmanvaihto Board.

If the contact details of the reporter are included in the contact form, the person who receives the harassment report will contact the reporter and ask about the wishes of the person experiencing the harassment concerning the handling of the case. The matter will be taken up only with the consent of the person who has experienced the harassment. Once consent has been obtained, the report will be handled by the harassment contact person and the employee responsible for the activity where the harassment took place. If an employee or board member has been involved in the harassment situation, that person will not be involved in the handling of the harassment report.

8. Normal disclosures of data
The data will not be disclosed to parties outside Maailmanvaihto.

9. The transfer of data outside the EU or EEA
Personal data is stored in Google Cloud, which is located outside the EU/EEA, but is committed to complying with the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation.

10. The principles and retention periods for the protection of the register
IT processed data
The data in the register will be handled with care and appropriate data security protection. The electronic form on the Maailmanvaihto website sends data to the Secretary General’s account in the cloud. The data is anonymised immediately after the case is processed. All parties involved in the case will be informed once the handling of the case has ended. The time period for storing the anonymised data is unlimited.

11. Inspection rights
Data subjects have the right to inspect their data recorded in the register. The request should be made to the Secretary General of Maailmanvaihto in person or at the office address. Personal Data Act §24, EU Data Protection Regulation.

12. Right to request the correction of data
Everyone has the right to request the correction of inaccurate information contained in the register. The request for the correction of inaccurate information should be addressed to the Secretary General of Maailmanvaihto.

13. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

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