Standing Together Against Racism – Training Seminar 16.–21.10.2022

Hello participant of Maailmanvaihto’s activities! Have you acted as a trainer or team leader at Maailmanvaihto’s camps or trainings or elsewhere in the youth work field? Are you living in Finland and want to learn more about anti-racism education? Our partner organization ICJA will host a training about this topic during 16.10.–21.10.2022 in Berlin, Germany. Join in, we can send two participants!

Training on racism- and discrimination sensitive education for youth workers, educators and youth leaders

  • Location: Seminarhaus Spreeinsel in Berlin, Germany
  • Dates: 16.10.–21.10.2022
  • Age: 18+
  • Language: English
  • Hosting organization: ICJA
  • Places available for Maailmanvaihto’s participants: 2
  • Participation fee: You will need to pay a participation fee of 60 €. Maailmanvaihto will pay the participation fee back to you if after the training you will make use of the things you learnt in your activities at Maailmanvaihto – which is, of course, something we wish for!
  • Acommodation and food will be organized by the host organization.
  • Travel expenses from Finland will be reimbursed up to 275  € or up to 320 € if green travel is used, according to real costs

The aim of the training is to raise awareness for trainers and team leaders engaged in political education work on the topics of anti-racism and anti-discrimination. By applying different methods of the anti-bias and diversity approach, reflection and awareness of one’s own or attributed social positioning and the associated social advantage or disadvantage is triggered. In this way, the multipliers acquire important knowledge and master skills in order to be able to work sensitively with various groups on these topics in the future. Theoretical input is made tangible through interactive methods. The participants of the training will develop concrete strategies on the topics of discrimination and racism as well as the ways of framing them in order to implement in their educational work and/or in their organizations.

The training will consist of the following modules:

  • Nonviolent Communication – Insights into the concept of Nonviolent Communication. How does this approach help us to work together in an appreciative and peaceful way on the topic of anti-racism in political education?
  • Reflection on one’s own and externally attributed social positioning – The participants reflect on their own positioning in society and the associated social privileges and disadvantages along different forms of discrimination. For this purpose, methods of the anti-bias approach are carried out and presented, which the participants can use themselves in their educational work in the future. Please find here some examples of methods we will work with.
  • Criticism of racism, Intersectionality and Diversity – Here we ask ourselves the following questions: How does racism and other forms of discrimination work? What is behind the approaches “Intersectionality” and “Diversity”? The approaches and the methods are applicable and can be adopted by the participants in their later educational work.
  • Discrimination-sensitive educational work – In this module, the participants develop ideas and strategies together on how they can design their own educational work in a way that is sensitive to discrimination. What do we need for creating a peaceful environment? What must be considered?
  • Specific project work – Here the participants develop their own action plan, which they intend to implement in their own work and/or organization over the next few months.

Become part of the international community that works for peace and a world without discrimination!

Requirements for participation:

  • You have initial working experience as a trainer or team leader in youth or non-formal political education work
  • You have first experiences with the topics of anti-discrimination and anti-racism
  • You are already involved or you would like to get involved in anti-racist and anti-discrimination educational work in the future
  • You have already dealt with your own experiences of discrimination and feel stable enough to talk about different forms of discrimination in a diverse group.
  • You are ready to leave your safe space and work in a diverse group on these topics with people who have had very different experiences than you.
  • You are willing to deal with your own discriminatory behavior in a self-critical manner
  • You are willing to empathize with the experiences of other people and to deal with them in an appreciative and sensitive manner

The training is structured in such a way that you can also integrate modules, experiences and results in your own work.

Other information

  • Participation fee: the organizer has tried to adjust the fee to the purchasing power in the different countries
    Fee for participants from Germany West and North European countries: 60,-€
    Fee for participants from South and East European countries: 30,-€
  • Besides from Finland, the training welcomes participants from organizations in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, 1–2 participants per organisation
  • The hosting organization will organise the accommodation and cover the costs for accommodation and food.
  • The participants will get reimbursement of the travel expenses. The reimburesement will be calculated according to the flat rate of the ERASMUS + programme. Also possible visa costs will be reimbursed.
  • The dates of 16.10.2022 and 21.10.2022 are allocated for travel days.

Accessibility information

If you would like to get accessibility information, please contact ICJA at

How to apply

To apply, please download and fill in the application form (docx) and send it to us at Maailmanvaihto to on Sunday 28th August at the latest. If you wish to gain further information, please write us to the mentioned e-mail address. We will select the participants soon after the application deadline.

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