Together against racism in the STAR E project

Project Standing together against Racism in Europe, STAR E, has begun in the ICYE network. The aim of it is to advance the work of ICYE orgnizations agains racism.

From August 2017 to July 2020, participants from nine partner organizations will put together their strengths, competences and experiences. The project is participated by ICYE organization in the France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Slovakia, Finland and Denmark. The project is coordinated by ICJA Freiwilligenaustausch weltweit (ICYE Germany).

The project also includes two expert organizations. The first one is Hungarian organization Szubjektiv Értékek Alapítvány specialized in and working at European level on anti-racism sensitivity training within the UNITED Network. The other is non-profit consultancy from Germany, SOCIUS, with long-standing working experience in organizational development in the civil society sector.

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