Urgent: in March to Denmark for European Solidarity Corps volunteering

Hertha Levefællesskab is a living community of people with and without disabilities in a village called Herskind in Denmark. Now, the community is looking for a young person for European Solidarity Corps volunteering. Maybe you?

Hertha is looking for an 18–30-year-old person for European Solidarity Corps volunteering for the period 1st March 2023 – 28th February 2024 (12 months). It’s also possible to begin the volunteering year earlier if it suits the volunteer.

The main activity for the volunteer will be to support the residents in the workshops, according to their interests and specific knowledge and experiences.

You can learn more about Hertha and the role and tasks of the volunteer on the website of the coordinating organization of the project, Dansk ICYE. Due to the tight schedule, the position is for a volunteer who doesn’t need a visa to travel to Denmark.

European Solidarity Corps Volunteering

European Solidarity Corps volunteering is meant for 18–30-year-old young adults. The volunteering periods are financially supported by the European Union. With the support, the following costs will be covered for the volunteer:

  • travels to the destination country (the participant may have to pay only a small part of the traveling costs)
  • support and communication of the sending organization
  • in the destination county an on-arrival training and a mid-term camp
  • accommodation and daily meals at the destination country
  • a pocket money
  • daily work travel costs to the voluntary workplace
  • a health and accident insurance as well as liability insurance
  • possible visa costs
  • support for learning the local language

Read more about the European Solidarity Corps volunteering in general.

How to apply?

Apply on 12th February 2023 at the latest. Download and fill in the application form of Dansk ICYE Send your application form to esc.incoming@icye.dk. You you are applying from Finland and would like us at Maailmanvaihto to act as your sending organisation, please mention us as the sending organisation in your application form and send your application message as a copy to us at Maailmanvaihto at maailmanvaihto@maailmanvaihto.fi.

Our information for the application form:

  • Name: Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland
  • Address: Oikokatu 3, 00170 Helsinki
  • Phone: +358 50 452 5660
  • OID: E10126971
  • Email: maailmanvaihto@maailmanvaihto.fi
  • Skype: –
  • Contact person: Secretary General Anni Koskela

If Hertha wants to receive you as a volunteer, let’s set up a meeting to get to know each other a bit more, and if everything seems suitable for you and for us in the suggested co-operation, let’s agree that we’ll support your experience as the sending organisation.


If you would like to learn about the accessibility of the open position, please, contact Dansk ICYE: esc.incoming@icye.dk.

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