Blog: Finnish Chronicles

Moikka people! My name is Halid Muratoski, 22 years old, coming from a country in the middle of nowhere called Republic of Macedonia (I know you googled it :)). I arrived in Finland in May. My assignment in here is to work with people with intellectual disabilities, in an institution called ‘Lyhty Ry’ for 12 months in the ‘Lato’ department. I promised to myself that I will be someday in this country. Here I am (in the photo on the right)! Follow my adventures in the pearl of the North, Helsinki. Nähdään pian!

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The blog is from the season 2012–13. Halid participates in Finland in the European Voluntary Service (EVS). Maailmanvaihto receives EVS volunteers for volunteer periods of 6–12 months. Would you be interested in participating? Read more about the EVS and apply!