Intercultural Learning in Afterschool Activities

In this new series we get familiar with volunteering possibilities of different ICYE voluntary workplaces all around the world.

This time the staff from Centro Social Marista (CESMAR) tell about their activities and tasks for volunteers. CESMAR is a Brasilian organisation based in Porto Alegre that coordinates projects with ICYE Brasil.

Could you tell us something about the projects you have in CESMAR?

We mainly work in the field of social assistance. We have two different projects, which assist children and adolescents from 6 to 14 years of age, who study in the partner schools. In the inverse shift opposite to the school hours, the children participate in artistic, cultural, sports and learning workshops. Activities vary a lot and can include for example theatre, environmental education, computer lessons or dance. The projects are partly supported by the municipality of Porto Alegre.

How many volunteers do you receive per year and from where? What tasks do they have?

CESMAR currently receives about four foreign volunteers and 15 Brazilian volunteers per year. Volunteers from many different countries have already participated at CESMAR; they have come from Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, United States, Mexico, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Romania and Italy. Volunteers accompany the children and adolescents in cultural and sports workshops. They learn the Portuguese language and exchange knowledge and their culture with the pupils and the educators.

What has the cooperation given to your working community?

The work carried out by the volunteers is extremely important in the lives of our children and adolescents, as they encounter new cultures, new languages and learn to live with different people. The pupils are more willing and interested in learning new languages and to understand and talk to volunteers. We hope that many people feel motivated to volunteer and can make their experience at CESMAR. We would also like, that the cooperation and actions developed can continue and thus expand the understanding of volunteering as a space for the construction of a culture of solidarity.

Vapaaehtoistyöpaikka CESMAR, Brasilia:

  • Perustettu vuonna 1998
  • Järjestää iltapäivätoimintaa koululaisille
  • Vapaaehtoiset pääsevät järjestämään ja toteuttamaan aktiviteetteja lasten kanssa
  • Toimii Porto Alegressa

Text: Kaisa Rahko, photos: CESMAR

The article has been published in the magazine MaailmanVaihtoa 2/2018 -lehdessä.

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