Photo Story: the English Playschool of Kangasala

”I work as a volunteer in the English Playschool of Kangasala and have the best way to work ever! This is the lake next to my house that I drive past every day. Gorgeous! It brightens my day even before the kids in the kindergarten do. In my project, I assist in the daily schedule: dressing the kids, dealing with the food, preparing activities. I am glad to be able to do own projects like some planting or crafting with the kids and presenting my countries Germany and Ghana.”

”I keep meeting great people and making new friends. These I met in the On-Arrival Camp and I hope that the contact will remain after our time in Finland!” Nana in the photo on the left.

”Tallinn, Stockholm, Jyväskylä… – St. Petersburg and Lapland yet to come. Travelling is part of my free time here, visiting neighboring countries or friends in different Finnish cities – or villages.”

“A windy, rainy day at Suomenlinna, Helsinki, but I experienced freedom and absolute happiness there. Feelings that I got to know very well here.”



Nana participated in Finland in the European Voluntary Service (EVS). Maailmanvaihto receives EVS volunteers for volunteer periods of 6–12 months. Would you be interested in participating? Read more about the EVS and apply!