Training: Young Activists Communicating Peace 15.8.–22.8.2022 in Germany

Hey you, who are participating in Maailmanvaihto’s activities! Participate the training ”Young Activists Communicating Peace” which offers skills for peace work and peace education in the field of international volunteering!

”In recent years, we have observed an increasing radicalization in public communications and an increase in hate speech on social media. News and social media are dominated by escalating and polarizing language. Nationalist, anti-democratic and racist actors are threatening social cohesion worldwide with targeted fake news. This has become increasingly clear over the past 10 years and has reached a new level since Russian troops invaded Ukraine: democracy and peace are under threat worldwide.

With this training, which is part of our long-term project ”Young Activist for Peace”, we want to remind you that we as human beings are also characterized by the ability to communicate successfully, to cooperate, to show compassion and to act in solidarity. We believe that the ability to communicate successfully is a key to greater understanding and appreciation for one another and contributes to a more peaceful society.”

Learn about the contents of the training and about other information from description of the training (pdf) and on the website of ICJA. Apply as a participant if you are involved in Maailmanvaihto’s activities and are interested in peace work and conflict resolution and would like to learn about non-violent communication and transactional analysis. Maailmanvaihto can send to the training 1 or 2 participants.

As a participant, you will be provided with accommodation and meals, and you will receive a reimbursement of the travel expenses (from Finland, 275 Euros or 320 Euros if you will use low-emission transport).

You will need to pay a participation fee of 40 €, but Maailmanvaihto will later reimburse it for you if you will make use of what you learned in the training in Maailmanvaihto’s activities.

The training is meant for people aged at least 18 years and it will be held in English. The funding decision hasn’t yet been made for the training, so it’s not yet totally sure that the training will take place. We will let those who are chosen as participants as soon as the funding decision has been made.

How to join?

Apply by sending a message to Maailmanvaihto at We will fill the positions as soon as suitable candidates are found, and we can receive applications until 30th June 2022.


If you would like to ask about the training, we will be glad to answer! You can receive further information from Secretary General Anni Koskela:, 050 345 5660.

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