Volunteers’ Voices 1/2020: Equality into Volunteering!

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4 Pääkirjoitus / Editorial
6 Kutsu kevätkokoukseen
7 Kuulumisten vaihtoa
10 Tule mukaan toimintaan
11 Leiriohjaajana monessa mukana
12 Terveisiä maailmalta! Greetings from abroad!
14 Vapaaehtoiset muuttavat maailmaa ecuadorilaisessa kansalaisjärjestössä
26 A Peek into Life as a Volunteer
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Teema / Theme

16 Yhdenvertaisuuden kehittämistä yhdessä
18 Suunnitelmallisesti yhdenvertaisemmaksi
20 Volunteer to Grow
22 Puoleksi vuodeksi Itävaltaan – näkövammasta huolimatta
23 Change starts within the individuals of an organization
30 Ideoita yhdenvertaisuuden edistämiseen – STAR E -hankkeen oppaat ilmestyivät

Editorial: The Board of Maailmanvaihto Adcances Inclusion

The theme of equality is constantly receiving more and more attention. At the same time, it is also subject to an increasingly planned approach.

In 2018, the Board of Maailmanvaihto approved the Equality Plan for the organization. After that, our mission has been to put that plan into practice in all our activities. One concrete step we have taken is creating and implementing the principles of a safer space.

During the period 2017–2020, members of our board and staff have participated in the Erasmus+ strategic partnership project Standing Together Against Racism in Europe – STAR E. The major achievement of the project is the creation of two handbooks. The handbook of organizational change introduces tools and methods that can be employed in promoting sensitivity to diversity and inclusion. The other handbook contains anti-racism exercises.

In January, I attended the Youth2020 conference in Tampere as Maailmanvaihto’s presenter at the stand of Network of Global Education coordinated by Fingo, and promoted the new anti-racism handbook. It seems that there is a need for new tools among those working with young people, especially when public discourse appears polarized. The handbook offers tools for examining power structures, as well as tools for reflection and empowerment for those who have encountered racism – and who in anti-racism handbooks are often forgotten.

Our goal is to be an equal and diversity-sensitive actor and operating environment. We would like every youth to be able to easily join our activities. One must continue to pay attention to promoting equality, since there is always room for improvement. I’m optimistic: these things take time, but change is on the way.

Maiju Alakurtti
Board Member of Maailmanvaihto

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