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Kiinnostaako vapaaehtoistyö Espanjassa? Oletko 18–30-vuotias? Tässä tilaisuutesi!

Espanjalainen yhteistyöjärjestömme Afaij etsii kuutta vapaaehtoista työpaikkaan nimeltä Basida. Jaksot kestävät yhdeksän kuukautta ja alkavat tänä vuonna. Aloitusajankohdasta voidaan sopia tarkemmin hakijan kanssa.

BASIDA – Project Environment

BASIDA, a charitable, non-profit making association that has been declared as a Public Utility since 1996 and has the general aim of providing attention to needy people from biopsychosocial point of view. In the beginning, BASIDA worked with last phase AIDS sick people. Now, this labor has been expanded into any kind of illness but all of the users share that they need assistance in order to live. BASIDA has 3 houses isolated with close community life style:

1. Aranjuez (Madrid)

  • Situation: Aranjuez
  • Distance from Aranjuez town: 9 km
  • Aranjuez characteristics: Urban tourism, University city, Natural environment
  • Communication with Madrid: 47 km, by train: 45 min travel time / 20 min travel service
  • Aranjuez inhabitants: 58 000

2. Manzanares (Ciudad Real)

  • Situation: Manzanares
  • Distance from Manzanares: 2 km
  • Distance from Manzanares to Ciudad Real (capital city of La Mancha, 74 000 inhabitants): 60 km
  • Distance from Manzanares to Madrid: 175 km (bus and train available)
  • Manzanares characteristics: Rural city Good communication by bus/train with other cities
  • Manzanares inhabitants: 19 000

3. Navahondilla (Avila)

  • Situation: Inside Navahondilla
  • Distance from Madrid: 70 km
  • Communication with Madrid: By bus: 1 hour travel time
  • Navahondilla characteristics; Rural village, Rural tourism, Mountain Natural environment
  • Navahondilla inhabitants: 300

Volunteer Tasks

Volunteers are there to help and support the staff. They will never substitute them. The volunteers will have a mentor who will guide them specifically in the tasks they carry out.

Volunteers will collaborate a maximun of 38 hours per week from Monday to Friday. The schedule time will be principally during the morning although it will depend on the current necessities. Volunteers may participate in all activities in the centre, always taking into account factors such as the characteristics of the volunteer, their previous professional training and their personal preferences; considering these aspects is fundamental in allowing the volunteer to integrate and adapt to the dynamics of the hosting home and at the same time empathise with those being treated.

Some of the most frequent activities to be carried out by the volunteers are:

  • Personal Attendance to sick people: hygienic (bath, clothes…), basic task (wake up, eat…), etc.
  • Help in the activities of physical rehabilitation and of occupational therapy for their cognitive rehabilitation: walks and gym.
  • Participation in workshops (carpentry, gardening, painting…).
  • Collaboration with the organization of workshops and occupational activities: magazine, theatre, computer science, yoga and relaxation, sport activities, workshop…

It is important to understand that you live in co-habitation. That means you spend your day with the workers and volunteers and also with the sick people.

The volunteers will participate with the rest of the volunteers in the daily home activities. There are some activities (laundry, kitchen, cleaning their room…) that aren’t not part of the work as a volunteer, but part of the help, as the volunteer will be part of the community. Every person living in Basida has to collaborate to maintain the residence in good condition.

Evenings are free. Volunteers can participate in the activities in Basida (theater, workshops, …) in case they want to join. Be aware of living at the residence can suppose a feeling of overworking, as you can be always helping people. The volunteer has to be able to keep some leisure time and to care of his/her wellbeing.

Example of dayly schedule in BASIDA (in all 3 Homes):

  • 8.00h Help the user with the clothes and personal hygiene
  • 9.00 h Breakfast with the users
  • 9.30-11.00 h Providing assistance to the users while they tidy and order their personal space.
  • 11.00-11.30 h Therapy/ workshop
  • 11.30h Snack/Break 12.00-13.30 h Gym / Rehabilitation
  • 13.30 h Provide support to the users while they eat.
  • 14.30 h Lunch 16.00-18:00 h

Workshops/walks The volunteers will be supported by a mentor always available, who will talk with them and see if they need support with other matters.

Requirements and advertisement:

  • There is not WIFI in any house.
  • There are some rules for the entrance and exit from the residence, not allowed at night.
  • Consuming any kind of drugs (including tobacco and alcohol) is not allowed.
  • Room can be shared.
  • Please bring some comfortable clothes.

It would be convenient if the Volunteers are/have

  • Basic level of Spanish
  • A willingness to learn about the experience of people with HIV-AIDS and a drug dependency, and who have the additional motivation to learn and self-improve.
  • A self-belief in their capabilities as well as an engagement with the activities they take part in and a desire to work as part of a team
  • Capable of actively listening and showing empathy- people that like to listen and are capable of seeing things from the perspective of the users to whom they are talking.
  • Tolerant and flexible.
  • No specific or professional training is required.

Euroopan solidaarisuusjoukkojen vapaaehtoispalvelu?

Euroopan solidaarisuusjoukkojen (ESC) vapaaehtoispalvelu tarkoitettu 18–30-vuotiaille ja sen rahoituksesta vastaa Euroopan unioni. Vapaaehtoistyöntekijälle kustannetaan:

  • matkat kohdemaahan (osallistujan maksettavaksi voi jäädä pieni osa matkakustannuksista)
  • lähtömaan tukijärjestön (lähettävä järjestö) tuki ja yhteydenpito
  • kohdemassa tulovalmennuskoulutus ja puolivuotisleiri
  • ylläpito kohdemaassa
  • taskuraha
  • päivittäiset työmatkat vapaaehtoistyöpaikalle
  • kattava sairaus- ja tapaturmavakuutus sekä vastuuvakuutus
  • tukea paikallisen kielen opiskeluun

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