Etätyöpaja rohkeasta tilasta pe 26.5.

Tervetuloa etätyöpajaan rohkeasta tilasta! Kouluttaja Sauli Kahkonen kutsuu mukaan kaikki aiheesta kiinnostuneet Maailmanvaihdon toiminnan osallistujat.

  • perjantaina 26.5.2023 klo 17.30-19.30
  • Zoomissa (lähetämme linkin ilmoittautuneille)

Tässä kuvaus työpajasta, joka pidetään englanniksi:

Are you interested in having difficult conversations on challenging topics and learning more tools to make these conversations more productive? Do you sometimes feel stuck when facing conflict? Are you working with groups and individuals and sometimes feel the need for new approaches?

Look no further because I invite you to join a Brave Space Workshop! In this 2-hour session, we will:

  • Explore a basic concept of creating and maintaining brave spaces
  • Discuss and practice how to create a brave space
  • Learn some practical tools to manage difficult emotions while holding the space

The workshop includes short meditations and bodywork, so make sure to find a comfortable and calm space to participate. Grab a pen and notebook, and perhaps a cup of tea, as we embark on a journey towards creating spaces where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

In case you haven’t heard about brave spaces before, let me briefly introduce you to the concept:

Brave spaces are intentional environments where all people can show up as their authentic selves, share their experiences and perspectives, and engage in honest and respectful dialogue. They prioritize inclusivity, equity, and openness, allowing even difficult thoughts to be expressed with respect, dignity, and curiosity. Brave spaces are similar to safe spaces, a concept increasingly known in society, but go a step further by acknowledging and addressing uncomfortable or challenging conversations that are necessary for growth and learning. In a brave space, individuals are encouraged to challenge their own biases and assumptions, actively listen to others, and engage in respectful dialogue, even when faced with disagreements or difficult topics. Brave spaces recognize that discomfort and vulnerability are often integral to personal and collective growth and strive to create a culture of trust and respect where all voices are heard and valued.

The workshop is conducted in a trauma-sensitive way and using the brave spaces framework. Welcome aboard! The workshop is free of charge.

The creator and trainer of the workshop Sauli Kahkonen is a dedicated practitioner of yoga and meditation with over 15 years of experience in the field. Sauli holds an MSc in International Studies and is a certified Somatic yoga instructor with 200 hours of training.  He has also volunteered extensively in Lebanon, Bolivia, and  Iceland, gaining valuable cross-cultural experience and contributing to various causes. Currently, he is pursuing his studies to become a psychotherapist with a focus on somatic movement and community engagement. Through his passion for somatic movement, Sauli hopes to effect positive change in society by promoting holistic well-being and empowering individuals to take control of their bodies and minds.

On Friday 26th May, Sauli will hold the workshop on brave spaces for the first time. Try it out and give your valuable feedback afterward!

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