La Vida Valenciana

”What happens when the European Union puts three strangers in one flat and gives them one job for a year? That’s how we met in the beginning of March 2017 in Valencia. Maria from Finland, Zuzana from the Czech Republic and Elena from Greece. Three girls from three different countries brought to Spain for the same purpose: volunteering.

During this year we are taking part in the European Volunteering Service (EVS) working in CEEDCV – Distance Learning Educational Centre of Valencia. Besides working we will be travelling and learning Spanish, eating a lot of tapas, dancing salsa and flamenco, rock climbing and of course trying to integrate ourselves in Spanish community as much as possible.

In this blog we will share our experiences and thoughts about long-term volunteering, adapting to the new culture, having new perspective and of course not forgetting the most important pleasures of life: new friends, delicious food and beautiful nature.”

Read the blog of Maria, Zuzana and Elena >>

  • The blog is from the season 2016–17. Blogi on kaudelta 2016–17.
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  • Maria, Zuzana ja Elena osallistuivat Eurooppalaiseen vapaaehtoispalveluun, nykyiseen Euroopan solidaarisuusjoukkojen vapaaehtoispalveluun (European Solidarity Corps Volunteering). Jos olet 18–30-vuotias, lähde sinäkin Maailmanvaihdon kautta ESC-vapaaehtoistyöhön 6–12 kuukaudeksi! ESC-paikkoja on tarjolla pääasiassa Euroopassa. Tutustu ja hae mukaan!